Nuclear Annihilation Looms

Because of Putin and other threats. It’s time for our city government to join 66 other cities and states in endorsing the United Nations Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) and to date 145 nations ratified/support TPNW. If you live in Albuquerque’s city limits please email all the City Councilors to support the City Council Memorial for the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapon

District 1       Louie Sanchez
District 2      Isaac Benton    
District 3       Klarissa J. Peña
District 4       Brook Bassan   
District 5       Dan Lewis        
District 6       Pat Davis          
District 7       Tammy Fiebelkorn
District 8       Trudy Jones      
District 9       Renee Grout     

Use this sample email or better is to modify it as your own.

Dear _________,

The current threat of nuclear war by Russia’s dictator Vladimir Putin reminds us that at any time we face nuclear annihilation either by conflict or accident. The United Nations Treaty Prohibiting Nuclear Weapons now is in force. This treaty makes it illegal to possess or transfer nuclear weapons. It has been approved by 145 nations. Its passage by the United States has now been urged by 66 US cities, counties and states. We need Albuquerque to join them! Please cosponsor and vote to approve a Memorial by the Albuquerque City Council in support of the Treaty.

(Your Constituent)
(Albuquerque Citizen)

This link accesses the text of the treaty and its status and history:

PDACNM Community Gathering Video – March 2022

Archbishop John C.Wester – Archbishop of Santa Fe
Jay Coghlan of NukeWatch NM Abolishing Nuclear Weapons

PDACNM is honored to welcome Archbishop John C. Wester, Archbishop of Santa Fe to our monthly gathering. His courage in speaking out against the proliferation of nuclear weapons inspires us at PDACNM to follow his example and continue the fight against this peril, especially given the threat of a possible imminent war between two nuclear powers.

Jay Coghlan, executive director of Nuclear Watch New Mexico, has worked successfully against radioactive incineration at the Los Alamos National Lab, and in Clean Air Act, Freedom of Information Act and National Environmental Policy Act lawsuits against the Department of Energy. He prompted a 2006 independent study that concluded plutonium pits last at least a century, refuting the NNSA’s assertion that we “need” new-design nuclear weapons and expanded plutonium pit production.