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New Mexico Public Bank Legislation: What You Need to Know

The time has come for New Mexico to make the bold step of taking control of its own state finances. New Mexico loses up to half of the money it spends on debt service in interest payments to big banks. Let’s bring that money home by creating a public bank.

A public bank is a financial institution owned by the state of New Mexico that finances
New Mexico infrastructure projects and small businesses, clean energy, affordable housing, and many other economic development projects that need Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) loans, through participation loans with community banks and credit unions. The LEDA loans can be enhanced with public bank loans to support local economic development. Instead of selling bonds to out-of-state banks and investors, a public bank can replace the need for the issuance of bonds and help New Mexico by bringing the debt service payments back to New Mexico, as public bank income, and offering lower interest rates. A simple $50 million in capital can generate as much as $500 million in funds to leverage the projects we need.

Download and read the complete legislative proposal here.


Alliance for Local Economic Prosperity – Public Bank for NM

Answering today’s questions for tomorrow’s New Mexico

What will be New Mexico’s most powerful tools for creating a healthier, more diversified economy, given the environmental, water sufficiency, and climatic challenges we face in the next decade and beyond? How will New Mexico manage our financial resources to be sure we provide culturally-inclusive social and economic development? How will we foster lifelong educational opportunities, healthy lifestyles, economic justice, and equitable access to public services and facilities for everyone? The Case for a Public Bank

Working together we can establish a Public Bank for New Mexico, to finance the bold changes it will take for our communities to overcome today’s obstacles and seize tomorrow’s opportunities.

PDA/PDACNM May Educate Congress Letter Drops

Every month PDA national sends letters to Senators and Representatives in almost all states asking them to please co-sponsor certain progressive pieces of legislation.  PDA chapters in each state deliver the letters to the appropriate offices.  In the past we have had cordial in-person meetings with staffs of our US Senators and Representatives.  However, due to the Corona Virus, we are now emailing the letters to the staffs and asking them to please forward the letters to the Senator or Representative.

These letters are well researched and focus on fighting injustice and inequality, environmental issues, voting rights, peace, and Medicare for All. After the letters are delivered, PDA member throughout the country make follow-up calls to ensure the Senator or Representative received the letters. We urge you to please read the letters and join us when we are again able to meet in the local offices.

May 2020 House Letter

May 2020 Senate Letter

May 2020 Udall Letter

Medicare for All Speakers Bureau

The Medicare for All Speakers Bureau is an independent group of volunteers who are dedicated to educating the public about the benefits, value, and urgent need for a universal single payer health care system  to replace our broken system. This need has become all the more apparent in the current coronavirus pandemic.

We have a 50 minute program (30 minute presentation and 20 minute Q&A) on how we can pay less and have better healthcare. We focus on current Medicare for All bills in Congress.

We cover:

  • what Medicare for All is
  • how it will provide quality health care to all US residents
  • how it will save money for about 90% of our population
  • we provide an illustration from the Medicare for All Calculator which shows the savings at various income levels for families

We are able to present over Zoom or another virtual meeting place during this COVID-19 time.

To arrange for a speaker, email: