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Letter/Postcard Writing

Below are 3 of the ones I know of. Please add more. Let’s all try to keep our energy up for this too.

I like sending whacky postcards so this is the one Karen has used the most.
Once u get signed up, then it’s easy to request the number of cards u can do. It can be 5-to-50, and all of it helps.
This requires downloading letters, so there’s a bit more required like envelopes etc.
I’m not sure if u can be a solo-letter writing party but worth a try. Sally might have input about this one.
This one seems more like a group activity too. But remember, a group can be 2 people!

Progressive Democrats of America CNM Chapter Newsletter – Black History Month

The Democrats’ Moral Dilemma 

With the rise of Michael Bloomberg in the polls, the values that have historically defined the Democratic Party are being challenged. Every day we are exposed to more and more of Bloomberg’s racist, classist, and sexist comments and actions, many of which seem to be quite similar to those of the current occupant of the White House. And yet, we hear liberal Democrats say “No one is perfect” as they justify their insistence that this Republican Light is the only one who can beat the Republican Hoax. This kind of hypocrisy sounds so similar to that which we accuse Trump Republicans of. We find him loathsome but he’s our loathsome. A caution to those who say that Bloomberg is the most electable. There are Democrats and Independents out there who still have a conscience and will vote accordingly.

Laura Stokes

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2020: Renewing our Commitment to Challenge Racism, Just Mercy Film & More

Every day, select some media to widen your understanding and listen to diverse perspectives.  Here’s some to get you started:

 The movie JUST MERCY – opened Jan 10th

Powerful true story about Bryan Stevenson and the Equal Justice Initiative!

– Bryan talks about the film:

– Film trailer:

– Equal Justice Initiative:

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May You Rest in Power and Peace, Mitch

On June 24th of this year the Democratic Party progressive community lost a much revered leader when our New Mexico Adelante Caucus Vice Chair Mitch Buszek departed the planet.  We miss him so much.

Mitch spent decades doing the nuts and bolts visionary work that real change requires, pioneering a path for progressives all over the country and lighting a fire in the belly of our New Mexico movement to build a more just and livable world for our people.  He set an example by boldly speaking truth to power when that was a very risky thing to do. He showed us how to fight the good fight in the right spirit and generously mentored new leaders to follow in his footsteps. The many roles in which he gave his all include service as a campaign manager and as a front lines community organizer. Wherever he went and whatever he did, his heartfelt humanity and passion for justice infused life into the room.  He was a devoted father and grandfather, a warm and forthright friend, a person you could trust, a beautiful human being who gave of himself unstintingly and in good faith.

In all ways from the personal to the political, Mitch bequeathed us something to aspire to in our own precious time on this planet.  Perhaps that was his greatest gift to those who come behind.  Let us honor his legacy by carrying it forward in these terrible times when the inhuman forces of greed are inflicting untold suffering on living beings everywhere.  At this pivotal historic moment, with our sustaining earth being despoiled beyond recall and our hard won democracy under threat, our work is cut out for us. The stakes couldn’t be higher.  As we gird up our loins to keep taking on Goliath, we are blessed to have Mitch as our intrepid inspiration and guide.

Thank you, Mitch.  Rest in power and peace, dear friend.  You will ever live on in our hearts, and in the work we do on behalf of generations to come.

PDA Educate Congress July Letter Drops On Climate Emergency

PDA Citizen Advocacy

This month PDA is asking our Representatives and Senators to sign on to a Climate Emergency Resolution introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders, Representatives Blumenauer and Ocasio-Cortez. In the same letter we are asking that they sign a letter to DNC Chair Perez requesting a national climate debate. The information below provides the PDA letters to the House and Senate, a helpful fact sheet which contains the text of the Resolution, a list of sponsors of the Climate Emergency.

Huge Climate Emergency Resolution Push

Click here to see if your Rep. is on the house version. Click here to see if your Senator is on Senate version.

Click here for the Resolution Letters: Dem. House; Dem. Senate; Republican House; Republican Senate.

Click here for an online fact sheet with some helpful links. Click here for a printable/deliverableversion of the fact sheet. (Suggested for your delivery.)

Click here for a downloadable/printable version of the resolution.

Here’s a list of the endorsers:

  • APAL Communications Connections
  • Architects Advocate for Action on Climate Change
  • Bold Iowa
  • Brattleboro Common Sense
  • Bronx Climate Justice North
  • Catholic Divestment Network
  • Chicago Water Protectors
  • Climate Justice at Boston College
  • Climate Reality Project Southern CT Chapter
  • Climate Revolution Orlando
  • Ecocentric Media
  • Englewood Indivisible
  • Florida Indigenous Rights and Environmental Equality
  • Fridays For Future Sacramento
  • Global Warming Education Network (GWEN)
  • Great Plains Zen Center
  • Greenbelt Climate Action Network
  • International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
  • Lexington Global Warming Action Coalition
  • Liology Institute
  • Mass Interfaith Worker Justice
  • Mid Ohio Valley Climate Action
  • Mid-Hudson Valley Sunrise Movement
  • Moms Clean Air Force
  • Movement for a People’s Party
  • North American Climate, Conservation and Environment (NACCE)
  • North Bronx Racial Justice
  • NYCD16 Indivisible
  • Open Source Healing
  • Orange County for Climate Action
  • Our Green Challenge
  • Parents For Future Seattle
  • Portland Central America Solidarity Committee (PCASC)
  • Re-nourish
  • Redwood Campaign Advisors
  • Refuge Ministries of Tampa Bay International
  • RESTORE: The North Woods
  • Santa Cruz Climate Action Network
  • Shoegnome Architects
  • South Beach District 6 Democratic Club of San Francisco
  • South Beach District 6 Democratic Club of San Francisco
  • earth
  • Sunrise Movement of Howard County
  • Sustainne, LLC
  • Teens Against Pollution
  • The Clime
  • Touching Earth Sangha
  • Volcano Rainforest Retreat
  • We, the World


Migration is a Human Right

Imprisoning Children is a Mass Atrocity! Use your outrage and act. In this document are simple things you can do every day to reunite the families, end detention, close the concentration camps, defund ICE, and stop the raids.

You can download a PDF of this post here.

Use your outrage and act. Below are simple things you can do every day to reunite the families, end detention, close the concentration camps, defund ICE, and stop the raids.

#CloseTheCamps #DefundHate #AbolishICE #Not1More #KeepFamiliesTogether

1 – Tell the TRUTH to everyone! Challenge the lies.

. Migrants arriving at our borders have the legal right to seek refuge and asylum.
. The atrocity is that we are imprisoning children. No child should be in prison, ever, for even one day.
. The wider problem is that our government has criminalized migration. They are treating a
humanitarian crisis as though it’s a crime, and doing all they can to punish people.
. No migration crisis springs out of nothing. In the powerful words of poet Warsan Shire, “No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark.” For over 120 years in Central America, the U.S. has been leveraging land and resources for corporations and holding profit above human well being.
. The migrants arriving at our border are undeterred by the cruel practices that receive them, because every element of safety and security in their own countries has been destroyed.
. These border-based cruelties join hundreds of years of America’s assaults on brown and black bodies.

All of us together are the power to change America into a place that welcomes everyone.

2 – Select ORGANIZATIONS to support, join or follow their media, like:

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The Institute for Public Life

About the Institute for Public Life

Albuquerque Interfaith organizes in congregations, schools, and caring communities to develop leaders who, through building relationships that lead to action, reweave the social fabric of community life. Without intentional leadership development to sustain and strengthen local institutions, member families remain isolated and disconnected in weakened institutions.

From every disaster comes an opportunity. From this disaster of our immigration policy and the treatment of asylum seekers, we seek to build this organized caring community into a powerful constituency to impact policy locally, statewide and nationally. Therefore, we are developing the Institutes for Public Life to provide the opportunity for education, compassion, and action around our broken immigration policy.

Please join us.

Read more about the Institute and upcoming events.