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Hopes for the Future

By Judy Deutsch

At this troubled time it is easier to dream than it is to hope.

And my dream, as I’m sure is yours, is world peace with sufficient food, housing, Medical care, education and clothing for all the people on this earth, with sufficient care of the environment so that people and other animals can continue to live, and with fairness and dignity accorded to all people.

But I know that not all of that is going to happen in my lifetime, if ever. Actually, it sounds more like a fairy tale than an eventual possibility given the events of the last two years, especially the events of the last few weeks.

And so, what can I hope for?

Much of my hope depends upon the present and incoming Democratic members of our United States House of Representatives, and yet, that hope is diminished because much of the good that they may do will be overridden by the Senate and by President Trump, and by our United States Supreme Court and the many other federal courts whose justices President Trump has appointed.

Do I hope that our Representatives’ investigations will somehow lead to Trump’s impeachment and/or imprisonment? ?

Not really, even though I think that Trump deserves much worse, because I’m more afraid of what Pence would accomplish than what Trump will do. Actually, I’m beginning to wish that both men would just disappear from the earth.

But I do hope that enough Republican and Democratic members of the house will be able to work together with members of the Senate to make our immigration and criminalization policies and practices more humane and just, and to ensure that all United States residents will have quality health care at an affordable price.

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Single Payer Universal Health Care: Building a Pathway to Victory

Sandy Eaton, RN, Dialogue & Initiative, August 2018

This year is pivotal for shifting the balance of forces in the United States away from the proponents of austerity, racism, war and fascism. People are coming together not only to resist Trump and the Republicans but to fight for economic and social survival. Health care in the US is a raging cauldron of struggle to win justice as millions campaign for access, affordability, quality and equality. Single-payer financing is increasingly recognized as essential for a just healthcare system.

The drive toward “Building a Pathway to Victory” has begun and was the focus of this year’s national single-payer strategy conference. The Minnesota Nurses Association hosted this historic meeting in Minneapolis June 22-24. Initially funded by National Nurses United, this campaign seeks to make healthcare justice, including the enactment of expanded and improved Medicare for all, an essential ingredient in the 2018 and 2020 elections. Support for improved Medicare for all has already shown itself to be a winner in Democratic Party primaries across the country, North and South. Organizers have been hired to work in key presidential primary states. Regional meetings to launch this campaign have so far drawn hundreds more activists into the fray.


Citizens United Must be Overturned


Editorial Opinion By Judith Deutsch (PDA Member)

If you disagree with the law of our nation which maintains that corporations have the same First Amendment Rights as people and that money is the same as speech, and that corporations, although they can’t give unlimited amounts of money to candidates, can spend unlimited amounts on political ads, please ask Senators Udall and Heinrich and your Congressional Representative to support HJ Resolution 48 (which you can find at the end of this column).

These Supreme Court of the United States decisions have determined the above:
The 1866 County of Santa Clara vs. Southern Pacific Railroad case which has been cited as settling that corporations are persons within the provisions of the fourteenth amendment; the 1976 Buckley vs. Valeo case which equated money with speech since every form of communicating costs money; the 2010 Citizens United v. FEC case which states that limiting a corporation’s ability to spend money is unconstitutional because it limits the ability of its members associate effectively and to speak on political issues.

Furthermore, the Federal Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit 2010SpeechNow.Org v.FEC case resulted in individuals  and PACs being allowed to give unlimited amounts for the purpose of making independent expenditures, thereby creating super-PACS.

Thus millions are spent by corporations and individuals to influence our elections. (Jonathan Easley, a National Political Reporter for The Hill, has reported that the Koch Brothers network plans to spend $400 million on the 2018 elections.)

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