PDACNM Monthly Gathering

Community Gathering

October 9, 2019   

First Congregational United Church of Christ
2801 Lomas Blvd NE.
Doors open 5:30       Program begins 6:00
If you have reached the end of your patience with the obstructionist NM Senate, join us Oct. 9 to hear who the culprits are and what we can do to change the culture of the Senate. Senator John Arthur Smith, famously known as “Dr. No” for his formidable resistance to progressive legislation passed time after time in the House only to fail in the Senate leads a coalition of conservative Dems and their Republican allies whose allegiance to their corporate supporters takes priority over their responsibility to the people.  Smith has now indicated that he may not support the governor’s plan to fund free college tuition for all New Mexico students according to Joe Monahan’s Sept. 23, 2019, blog.  His powerful opposition would mean the proposal will almost surely not become a reality. Who are the other DINO senators and what is the history of the Senate inaction on progressive legislation? Eric Shimamoto and a panel of very knowledgeable activists will share this information with us and some exciting news about how we move forward and help the state we love realize its potential. LS


Eric Shimamoto, attorney and political activist, will be making a very timely and relevant presentation for New Mexico progressives on the need to transform the NM Senate.

Following the presentation: Working Families Party  Political Director J.D. Mathews will moderate a Q&A with Working Families Party Strategic Consultant Eric Griego and WFP Michaela Gallegos.

“In 2018, New Mexico reshaped its House of Representatives in a historic blue wave. As a result, much was accomplished during the 2019 legislative session, but much was also left on the table because a handful of Senators elected as Democrats continue to caucus with the Republican minority to prevent New Mexico from embodying the values expressed in the platform of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. Political insiders have long called this group of Senators the ‘Corporate Democrat Coalition.’ But you don’t have to be an insider to understand who they are, what they do, and how we can fix the problem. This presentation covers those topics, and also explains how a statewide campaign last year in New York addressed–and solved–a nearly identical problem in that state’s Senate.”
Eric Shimamoto

Medicare for All Calculator

The Medicare for All Calculator is a free, online, user-friendly tool based on a proposed financing plan for H.R. 676, the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All bill in Congress. With this calculator,mfacalc.com, anyone can enter information anonymously about the number of people in the household with health insurance, their current income, a typical year’s health insurance premium and out of pocket health costs. Once this information is entered the calculator will determine the savings (in most cases) that HR 676 would provide if enacted.

H.R. 676 would expand Medicare to cover all Americans, regardless of age, income or disability. It eliminates ALL individual healthcare costs, premiums, co-pays and deductibles. It adds comprehensive healthcare coverage, including dental, vision, mental health, long-term care, prescription drugs and other benefits.

We are indebted to Kris Hardy, owner of Albuquerque Software for his role in developing the Medicare for All Calculator. And to Health Action New Mexico for their sponsorship.

A group of concerned citizens, many who are former healthcare providers and associates, have formed the Medicare for All Speakers Bureau. We have created a 30 minute Power Point presentation which compares single-payer health system myths vs facts, gives the pertinent points of the bill and a picture of the financial analysis done by Gerald Friedman, PhD., Economics Professor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, on how to pay for this bill if enacted, “Funding HR 676”, published in 2013.

If your group would like to schedule a presentation email  mc4allnm@gmail.com for more information.

Progressive Democrats of America CNM Chapter newsletter 10/7/20 – PDA Community Gathering and Much More

‘Gave Me Goosebumps’: Praise for Independent Video That Captures Side of Bernie Sanders Corporate Media Ignores

“This video lifts up so many marginalized voices that are consistently downplayed and discounted by the corporate media. Bernie Sanders hears you.”

by Jake Johnson, staff writer

“Shaun King, columnist for The Intercept and Sanders supporter, called Orfalea’s video ‘the single best, most insightful, most inspirational’ ad of the 2020 presidential election thus far.”

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What’s the Story?  

by Jerilyn Bowen, 9/25/19

Decisions, decisions, decisions.  On what grounds do we make them, individually and collectively? That’s a big question these days.  Many considerations inevitably come into play but basically most decisions are determined by a dialectic between fear of X and faith in Y.  Which prevails depends on the story we tell ourselves.

For a minor example:  when Trump came to Rio Rancho in September, the story on the street was that holding a mass protest outside his rally would prove to be dangerous so best to attend the alternate gathering sponsored by the NM Democratic Party in a safe place far from Rio Rancho.  No one talked about what we sacrificed in letting ourselves be intimidated out of showing up in large numbers to make our collective voice heard when the national media would be there to record and broadcast our message.  No one asked what Martin Luther King might’ve been willing to risk that day in service to the cause of saving our democracy.  In short, no one seemed to put the supposed dangers of an on-site protest in context of the larger narrative about what motivates us in our work for a more just and humane world…just X, no Y.

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Progressive Democrats of America CNM Chapter newsletter 9/19/19


Would you like to join PDACNM for some citizen advocacy with the staff of your US senator or representative? Every month PDACNM sits down with these friendly folks to express concerns, show support, share information and create lasting relationships.  We bring a letter each month from PDA national asking for support for specific legislation or to express our thanks for their support.  These letters are delivered by PDA chapters throughout the country. We welcome your participation.

Let us know if you can join us.  Lisa Franzen at geolisafranzen@aol.com, Laura Stokes at stokescorrales@comcast.net, Paul Stokes at stokescorrales@mac.com

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Progressive Democrats of America Central NM Chapter Newsletter – Sept. 3, 2019


Progressives enjoyed an evening in the shade of North Domingo Baca Park with friends and family listening to progressive legislators and city council candidates.  It was a friendly community get-together, sponsored by Adelante Progressive Caucus, Working Families Party and PDACNM,  casual and intimate and relaxing for all.  Here’s WFP Eric Griego with Democracy Dollars!

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