PDACNM Redevelopment

Dear PDACNM friends,

PDACNM is going on hiatus, suspending monthly gatherings and planning committee meetings while PDACNM is “under redevelopment”.  Paul and Laura are stepping down from their leadership roles and would like to see some new leadership come forward, new leadership meaning one or more persons with vision and passion for continuing to promote progressive ideals and progressive candidates for elective office.  When we began PDACNM 11 years ago this coming August, progressive issues were considered “fringe” and unattainable. But what was once considered laughable is now mainstream and popular with the majority of the country. We just need to see those progressive ideals be further on the road to reality. We hope there are folks out there who share our values enough to come forward and take on leadership roles. We plan to have clarity on PDACNM’s future by this fall, likely post-election. Your comments via email are welcome.

I would add that we will continue sharing with others the coordination of the monthly letters to our Members of Congress. Some of you may not be sure what these letters are. Basically, they are letters drafted by the PDA National Team and sent to all PDA chapters explaining the importance of specific, key progressive legislation and requesting that the MOCs co-sponsor the legislation. These letters are edited as needed to reflect local and state interests. They are then discussed with the leaders of the state offices of the MOCs, who then forward the letters to the MOCs, 

Also, our able newsletter editor Larry Baca will continue the monthly newsletter offering info and actions and our Stop Wars and Occupations team will keep up their important work.

In the meantime, we don’t need to remind anyone reading this that we are living in perilous times so even though PDACNM is taking a break, we will all be out working to get Democrats elected all over the country.  It’s imperative that we give time and money like we have never given before.

Yours with gratitude and in solidarity,

PDACNM Planning Committee, State Coordinators and Chapter Leader

August 2022 PDACNM Newsletter

Cause of homelessness? It’s not drugs
or mental illness, researchers say.

Lack of affordable housing is key factor,
according to study of nation’s major areas

 SAN DIEGO —Ask just about anyone for their thoughts on what causes homelessness, and you will likely hear drug addiction, mental illness, alcoholism and poverty. 

A pair of researchers, however, looked at those issues across the country and found they occur everywhere. What does vary greatly around the country, they found, was the availability of affordable housing.


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June 2022 PDACNM Newsletter

Medicare for All

In case you haven’t heard, here is the good news many New Mexicans have been awaiting. On May 12, 2022, Senator Bernie Sanders introduced S4202 The Medicare for All Act of 2022 into the 117th Congress along with 14 co-sponsors.

Two of these 14 are our own New Mexico Senators, Sen Martin Heinrich and Sen Ben Ray Lujan. Please thank them for being original co-sponsors of this important bill and supporting better health care for New Mexicans, by calling their DC offices:

Sen Heinrich 202-224-5521
Sen Lujan 202-224-6621

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