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Letter/Postcard Writing

Below are 3 of the ones I know of. Please add more. Let’s all try to keep our energy up for this too.

I like sending whacky postcards so this is the one Karen has used the most.
Once u get signed up, then it’s easy to request the number of cards u can do. It can be 5-to-50, and all of it helps.
This requires downloading letters, so there’s a bit more required like envelopes etc.
I’m not sure if u can be a solo-letter writing party but worth a try. Sally might have input about this one.
This one seems more like a group activity too. But remember, a group can be 2 people!

Progressive Democrats of America CNM Chapter Newsletter – PDACNM APRIL MEETING FROM YOUR COUCH


Would you like to join PDACNM for some citizen advocacy with the staff of your US senator or representative? Every month PDACNM sits down with these friendly folks to express concerns, show support, share information and create lasting relationships.  We bring a letter each month from PDA national asking for support for specific legislation or to express our thanks for their support.  These letters are delivered by PDA chapters throughout the country. We welcome your participation.   Let us know if you can join us.  Lisa Franzen at, Laura Stokes at, Paul Stokes at, Deborah Marez-Baca at

The staff of our Congressional and Senate offices are currently working remotely. There will be no in-person visits till further notice. However, we will be delivering our monthly PDA letters to our senators and representatives by email. Following are the letters for March.

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PDACNM Monthly Gathering

April 8 @6:00
Our April 8th monthly community gathering will be a live, Zoom-based webinar.

Progressive Democrats of America, Central New Mexico Chapter invite you to an online gathering.

PDA April Community Gathering is now online 6:00-7:30pm. The space opens at 5:50 so start logging in and getting settled into our online space. All participants will be muted for this gathering, only the presenters and facilitators will be speaking. Write down your questions, you will have the opportunity to ask questions after the presentations by typing them in the Chat box.

Zoom – you will need to download Zoom BEFORE the meeting. Use this link and follow the directions to download the Zoom app ->

After Zoom app has been installed use this link to join the meeting.

Meeting ID: 131 543 557
Password: 981809

If using phone for audio only:
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
+1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
+1 253 215 8782 US
+1 301 715 8592 US
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)

Facilitation: Deb Marez-Baca, Karen Bentrup
Special thanks to our IT Crew: Scott Lake, Larry Baca, Lloyd DeWald


Welcome to PDA CNM: Deb Marez-Baca  3”
Tips for using Zoom:

IT Crew  5”

Self-Care and Community Support during the epidemic:  Dr. Kathleen O’Malley  5”
Lists of ways you can HELP and info for GETTING HELP:

4. Climate Justice: Karen Bentrup  5″

5. What’s New and What You Can Do to Address the Climate Crisis? Each presenter will have 15 minutes for sharing information, updates and ACTIONS each of us can take.

A. How can a Congressional Representative candidate/MOC support effective climate crisis actions?  with Teresa Leger Fernandez, NM CD3 candidate

B. How Fracking is Wrecking NM, the Water Act, and more!  with Margaret Wadsworth, Senior Organizer for NM

C. Wasteless Life NM with Rachel Zulevi

D. 350NM:  The Very Latest Updates with Delese DeliosQ&A – type your questions in the Chat Box on Zoom. 10”

Deb Haaland Moves to Shut Progressives out of NM DNC Delegation

by Jerilyn Bowen

At the March 7th NM Democratic Party Pre-primary Convention, US Representative Deb Haaland put a big thumb on the scale to keep progressives from serving on the Democratic National Committee that determines party rules, and that is already heavily stacked in favor of corporate Democrats.  Two eminently qualified long term Democratic Party devotees were running for the two open New Mexico DNC seats as progressives:  Pia Gallegos of Albuquerque and Jay Levine of Taos.  Their centrist opponents were Trish Ruiz of Lea County and former Albuquerque mayor Marty Chavez.

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Stephen Colbert Goes Corporate on Bernie Sanders with Red Baiting

by Jerilyn Bowen

For three years now Stephen Colbert’s Late Show has been my much needed nightly dose of sanity in the midst of the Trump madness.  Ever since The Colbert Report gave wickedly skewering voice to the resistance during the Bush regime, I’ve seen him as a trusted and valued public commentator.  Of late, though, I’ve been taken aback and then shocked by his underhanded and unclever attacks on Bernie Sanders.  This came to a head following the Feb. 25th South Carolina debate when Stephen contrived to undercut Bernie’s significant landslide victory in Nevada and well earned front-runner status in the presidential nomination race by running a clip from the debate in which Bernie pointed out that the policies he advocates are already operative in many countries around the world, following which Stephen ended his monologue with a flourish by sardonically commenting that yes, this is true in places like Cuba and Venezuela.  As if he didn’t know perfectly well that Bernie was referring to Canada and the socialist democracies of Europe.  As if he didn’t know that Bernie has spent his entire adult life opposing authoritarian regimes of all kinds while fighting for humane and just policies in the U.S.  If anyone can be said to be a fierce enemy of the totalitarian forces that presently endanger our democracy, it is Bernie.

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Progressive Democrats of America CNM Chapter Newsletter – Black History Month

The Democrats’ Moral Dilemma 

With the rise of Michael Bloomberg in the polls, the values that have historically defined the Democratic Party are being challenged. Every day we are exposed to more and more of Bloomberg’s racist, classist, and sexist comments and actions, many of which seem to be quite similar to those of the current occupant of the White House. And yet, we hear liberal Democrats say “No one is perfect” as they justify their insistence that this Republican Light is the only one who can beat the Republican Hoax. This kind of hypocrisy sounds so similar to that which we accuse Trump Republicans of. We find him loathsome but he’s our loathsome. A caution to those who say that Bloomberg is the most electable. There are Democrats and Independents out there who still have a conscience and will vote accordingly.

Laura Stokes

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