Resistance Not Enough: Progressive Groups Push Democrats to Back #PeoplesPlatform

Published on
Tuesday, July 18, 2017
by Common Dreams

In a statement on Tuesday, Nina Turner, president of Our Revolution, argued that the victory over Trumpcare “shows that when people come together there is nothing we cannot accomplish.”

Following Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s concession on Monday night that Trumpcare is likely dead, progressive groups that played an integral role in rallying opposition to the legislation are now looking to go on the offensive.

“We’ll keep fighting until everyone has access to healthcare, free college tuition, a livable planet, and a job that pays a living wage.”On Tuesday, dozens of organizations-including Our Revolution, National Nurses United, and Fight for 15-announced the launch of a new initiative titled “The Summer for Progress,” during which activists across the country will pressure Democratic lawmakers to embrace “a bold, progressive agenda.”

This agenda, called the People’s Platform, includes legislation that would make public colleges tuition free, establish automatic voter registration, raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, and transform the American healthcare system into one that guarantees insurance to all.

In an email to supporters on Tuesday, Nina Turner, president of Our Revolution, argued that the victory over Trumpcare “shows that when people come together there is nothing we cannot accomplish.”

“We must build off of this and continue to not just express frustration but provide solutions to fix the issues that too many Americans face today,” Turner said. “This summer, Our Revolution is working with dozens of other grassroots organizations to back the #PeoplesPlatform.”

“Democrats in Congress must lay out a bold vision for how we create a country that works for everyone-not the just the very wealthy.” The end goal of the effort, Turner noted, is to “have the majority of the U.S. House Democratic Caucus signed on to cosponsor” the People’s Platform by the end of September recess.

Since the Democrats’ massive 2016 losses, grassroots groups have been urging the party to adopt more ambitious programs that would both drastically alter the status quo and lay the groundwork for future electoral victories.

Responding to this pressure, a growing number of Democrats in recent weeks have publicly embraced proposals that were previously denounced as “politically unfeasible,” like Medicare for All and a $15 federal minimum wage.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said recently that his party is looking to formulate a “strong, bold, sharp-edged” economic agenda. With their summer initiative, progressive groups will call on Democrats to translate these words into action.

“The status quo isn’t working,” the groups declared. “If Democrats want to win in 2018 and beyond, we need to start by supporting legislation that addresses the real issues facing everyday Americans. Democrats in Congress must lay out a bold vision for how we create a country that works for everyone-not just the very wealthy.”

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PDA CNM DIGEST August 1, 2017


PDACNM NEWSLETTER JULY 24, 2017 Brief Announcements


PDA national staff has been working with Our Revolution and several other national organizations over the past couple of weeks and are forging ahead with a very exciting and politically smart Summer campaign. The”Summer For Progress” campaign was initiated by Our Revolution and partner organizations Progressive Democrats of America, Democratic Socialist of America, Democracy for America, and All of US. It has now  expanded to include several more organizations, –  Working Families Party, Millennials for Revolution, Women’s March, Labor for Our Revolution, People for Bernie, Good Jobs Nation, Young Progressives Demanding Action, Single Payer Coalition, Brand New Congress, Food and Water Action Fund, Fight for 15, National Nurses United, and more.

Important Dates:

July 18th – Start of National on line petition campaign – Go to PDAmerica.org and you will see a link on upper right hand corner. Click the link to sign.

July 25th – Washington D.C press conference and march to DNC.

August – House recess – month long in the local Congressional Districts, meetings, visits, education,  direct actions, protests.

Sept. – A Congressional score card will come out scoring each Representative on the issues and the corresponding legislation.

This summer progressive organizations are organizing across the country to work with and demand House Democrats cosponsor and sign on to the following 8 bills:

Health Care: H.R. 676 Medicare For All Act
Education: H.R. 1880 College for All Act of 2017
Worker Rights: H.R.15 – Raise the Wage Act
Women’s Rights: H.R.771 – Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance (EACH Woman) Act of 2017
Voting rights: H.R.2840 – Automatic Voter Registration Act
Criminal Justice and Immigration: Justice is Not For Sale Act of 2017
Tax on Wall Street: H.R. 1144 – Inclusive Prosperity Act
Environmental Justice: Climate Change Bill (to be introduced by Congresswoman Gabbard)

The Democratic Party Platform makes it clear that Democrats must fight for these issues as a party.  We’re asking all House Democrats to commit to supporting our #PeoplesPlatform bills by signing on as a Co-sponsor when Congress comes back in session in September.

Goal: Get all Democratic House members to sign on as Co-sponsors for the eight bills in September when members of Congress come back in Session.

How: This summer local groups around the country will contact their members of Congress to set up meetings to discuss why they should support the #PeoplesPlatform.

Donna Smith, Mike Fox, Judy Hess, Dan O’Neal for the entire PDA Staff

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PDA CNM DIGEST July 24, 2017



About 70 folks came out to socialize and share a meal together on a cool summer evening at First Unitarian Church.  Following some friendly mingling accompanied by good food, the group gathered outside to participate in discussions around PDA’s major issues – Healthcare Human Rights, End Corporate Rule, Stop Global Warming, Voter Access Protection and Election Integrity, Economic and Social Justice, End Wars and Occupations.You can go to PDAmerica.org to read explanations of the issues.

If you weren’t at the meeting, you missed a good time; but you can still participate. This is an ongoing effort by PDACNM to engage and involve our progressive community in the things that matter to people who want a better world for themselves and others.  PDA’s mission has always been to focus on the issues first and candidates second. Thus, it only follows that we must work to elect candidates who consistently believe in, talk about, and put into practice the aforementioned issues.

That’s why we supported Bernie for president and that’s why we will continue to endorse only those candidates who talk and walk the issues. Eric Griego’s use of Paul Wellstone’s slogan “We all do better when we all do better” is even more relevant today than it was when PDA endorsed Eric in his run for the US Congress 8 years ago.  We need to encourage people to run for office who support our values and pledge to act on them because we feel that’s how the world gets better. Furthermore, it gives a reason for people to go vote.  As the Democratic Party ramps up its voter registration and GOTV efforts, I don’t see evidence that its activists are showing serious concern about the real problem that we have – the reason people aren’t voting.  All the voter registration and GOTV efforts are to no avail if the party doesn’t begin to figure that out!!

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PDA CNM DIGEST July 17, 2017


Stop Global Warming AT Alert – Join us: Mayors vs. Trump on Paris Agreement

Following Donald Trump’s historic mistake to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Agreement, thousands of businesses, universities, and bipartisan government leaders from across the country stepped up to let the world know that we will continue to move away from fossil fuels in favor of affordable clean energy. Building upon Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 campaign, 135 mayors have already seized the moment by committing to 100% renewable energy, and the U.S. Conference of Mayors unanimously approved a bipartisan resolution to support a goal of 100% clean and renewable energy in cities nationwide by 2035.

Join us for a call with the resolution’s sponsor and co-chair of Mayors For 100% Clean Energy, Mayor Steve Benjamin of Columbia, South Carolina, to hear how he led his city to commit to 100% renewable energy and how he’s rallying mayors across the country to raise ambition and achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement at the municipal level, where powerful change is possible.

Click to register for the call

Date: Thursday, July 20
Time: 11:00 am PT/ 12:00 am MT / 1:00 pm CT / 2:00 pm ET
Call-in Number: 1-800-466-9863
Passcode: 7112425#


For Immediate Release
Contact: Maria Jose Ramos (505)246.1627; mramos_elcentro@yahoo.com 

City Council to Have Special Session on Healthy
Workforce Ordinance
Council to Discuss New Election Resolution for Earned Sick Days

Albuquerque, NM — On Monday, July 10, the Albuquerque City Council will hold a special meeting to address Mayor Berry’s illegal demand that the City Council remove the summary of the Healthy Workforce Ordinance question from the 2017 municipal election ballot. Ally organizations and supporters of the Healthy Workforce Ordinance will attend the meeting to advocate for a fair election.

This will be the City Council’s second attempt to pass an election resolution for October’s municipal election. On June 29, 2017, in a transparent effort to prevent Albuquerque voters from voting on the Healthy Workforce Ordinance, Mayor Berry vetoed the City Council’s majority decision last month to place a summary of the earned sick days question on the ballot. Instead, Mayor Berry decided that voters should not be permitted to read a summary of the law, but instead should cast a vote on the law printed over two sides of the ballot in 6-point font, which many voters will be unable to read or understand. The Mayor’s June 29 veto statement instructed the City Council to pass a new election resolution that removes the summary from the ballot – an unprecedented and illegal instruction that violates the City Charter’s requirements for direct voter legislation and the City’s own past practice.

WHAT: City Council Special Session on Healthy Workforce Ordinance
WHO: Community members and supporters of the Healthy Workforce ABQ Ordinance
WHEN: Monday, June 10th at 5:00 pm
WHERE: Vincent E. Griego Council Chambers, basement level of the Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Government Center, 1 Civic Plaza NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102

Healthy Workforce ABQ is supported by Organizers in the Land of Enchantment (OLÉ), Strong Families New Mexico, El Centro de Igualdad y Derechos, New Mexico Working Families Party, the NM Center on Law & Poverty, the Center for Civic Policy, and SWOP.

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PDA CNM DIGEST July 7, 2017

PDACNM NEWSLETTER JUNE 19, People’s Summit and more


More than 4,000 progressive activists gathered at the second People’s Summit in Chicago, June 9-11. The vast halls and large meeting rooms of the mammoth McCormick Place on Lake Michigan provided ample space for this enthusiastic and mostly under 50 crowd to gather and eat and discuss in breakout sessions or in casual meetups.  National Nurses United funded the Summit for the second time and they really showed what nurses can do when it comes to organizing. Paul and I went last year as well as this year and found 2017 just as inspiring as 2016. Of course, last year’s summit took place before the November election so this year’s had a bit of a different flavor. Even though last year’s event brought together people of all colors, religions and places of origin, this year seemed to emphasize even more the importance of common values that people of good will hold dear. There was little said about Trump but a lot said about Neoliberalism and building a progressive movement with leaders who possess “belief systems” and who represent the oppressed.  READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE IN THE CURRENT NEWSLETTER. Click on the Newsletter link below.

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PDA CNM DIGEST June 19, 2017