PDACNM Action Team Reports

PDA – CNM Action Teams Updates
February 7, 2018

Any one is welcome to join one of the Action Teams listed at any time. Contact one of the leaders to be added to the contact list.

End Wars & Occupations    meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 4pm at the Unitarian Church (prior to the PDA monthly meeting.)

Leader: Dick Harrison dickannpr@gmail.com (505) 306-5400
Co-leader: Sally-Alice Thompson (505) 514-8186.

We have developed a Candidate Peace Pledge that we will ask all candidates for 2018 political office to commit to:

  1. To increase public awareness of the causes and costs of war
  2. To restrain our governments from intervening, overtly and covertly, in the internal affairs of other nations
  3. To end the arms race and to reduce and eventually eliminate nuclear weapons
  4. To seek justice for veterans and victims of war
  5. To abolish war as an instrument of national policy
  6. To work toward the end of systemic racism, poverty, militarism, and ecological devastation
  7. To consistently work in New Mexico for conversion of the current war economy to an economy based on peaceful, life-affirming constructive endeavors

Healthcare not Warfare    Meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 2 pm at Casa Clara Apartments 1400 Vassar NE in the Community Room (ground floor of the two story building). Next meeting is February 13 at 2 pm.

Leader: Herb Hoffman palaherb@gmail.com
Co-leader: Pat Bartels pbartels8@comcast.net 505-270-9154

We are very close to making our Medicare For All calculator live. This is an on-line tool that will allow anyone to calculate their savings under a Medicare for All plan such as H.R. 676 introduced in the US House by Representative Conyors. Look for a link to the Calculator in the PDA newsletter soon. In addition, we supported HM 9 and SM 3 for the study of a Medicaid buy-in plan for NM. No signature from the Governor is needed for a memorial. HM  9 and SM 3 have passed their respective bodies and this will allow the Legislative Health & Human Services Committee to begin exploring how a buy-in program might work in NM. LHHS will seek public feedback and work with the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance to analyze health coverage costs in the state. 42% of New Mexicans are currently covered by Medicaid and 20% are covered by Medicare, positioning the state well to advance a buy-in program. More than 180,000 low-income New Mexicans still lack health care coverage. It’s time to look at innovative policy ideas to ensure every New Mexican can get medical care when they need it.

Economic Justice   Next meeting Tues., Feb. 20 2:30-4 pm at  Edna Fergusson Library 2700 San Mateo NE

Leader: Tylka Vetula – (pronounced Till ka Ve two la) vetulat@gmail.com  505-221-0137

We have decided to direct our efforts toward moving from a minimum to living wage at the city, county, state and federal levels. We’re organizing ourselves into 4 focus study groups. Each group will address the following questions: What is the current minimum wage? What is the current legislation? How is the minimum wage structured? Who are the decision makers? Are there others working on this issue with whom we can partner? To get involved please choose which focus study group you want to work with. Contact Tylka who will put you in touch with that coordinator.

Stop Global Warming   Next Team meeting – TBA. Email Karen if you’d like to be notified.

Leader: Karen Bentrup karenbentrup@yahoo.com  Phone 352-284-2583
Co-leader: Ted Cloak tcloak@unm.edu

PDA lobbied at the Roundhouse, Feb 1st. Team members joined with Union of Concerned Scientists and Sierra Club to be part of the child-to-adult aged citizen lobby efforts on behalf of land, water, wildlife, renewable energy and climate change. Many thanks to the Environmental Alliance of New Mexico for their leadership. (PDA CNM is now a member of the Alliance too.)

Voter Access Protection & Election Integrity  

Leader: Paul Stokes stokescorrales@mac.com
Co-leader: Jane Ronca-Washburn

The Voter Access Protection and Election Integrity Action Team has not chosen to meet.  In lieu of that, I send out periodic reports (every week or so) on articles, state and national legislative activity, etc. to the list of people who attended our Action Team special meeting last fall. Contact Paul if you would like to receive his emails.

End Corporate Rule Still in the process of forming.

Leader: Lisa Franzen geolisafranzen@aol.com  

Do any of the following ideas interest you? Email Lisa with your interest(s)

  • Working for a constitutional amendment to end Citizens’ United and reassert the basic truth that “corporations are not people and money is not speech.”
  • Supporting use the Disclose Act to identify special interest groups, lobbyist money influence, and super PACs.
  • Promoting and Expanding Public Financing of Campaigns
  • Supporting re-imposing the Financial Transaction Act (Robin Hood Tax) which was eliminated in 1966
  • Countering ALEC (the conservative and corporate funded American Legislative Exchange Council) with ALICE (American Legislative and Issue Campaign Exchange) which has merged with progressive organizations to form the State Innovation Exchange.  These organizations work to influence State Legislators through the local legislative process.

PDACNM NEWSLETTER Feb. 6, 2018 -PDACNM 2/7 Program – Meeting Reminder


The mission of Progressive Democrats of America has always been to change the Democratic Party from within and we are still committed to that mission.
However, recent situations in the Democratic Party of NM as well as the Unity Reform Commission at the DNC have aroused skepticism among progressives that the party will ever really change, that it is too attached to corporate influence and war capitalism to become the party of the masses.  The following articles are warnings of what the challenges will be in the next few years for those of us who want the Party to evolve once more as the Party of FDR and social and economic reform.

However, there is hope and we urge you to attend “Bridging the Gap” on Feb. 10 at 6:00 at Continuing Ed.  See flyer below.  Let’s have a discussion about how we can bring the party back to the disenfranchised and make it once again a force to be reckoned with.

Positive Action – If you have been elected a delegate to the pre-primary, vote for the progressive (if you can find one)!!!!!


Read this issue for important information on changing the Democratic Party

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PDA CNM DIGEST February 6, 2018

PDACNM NEWSLETTER January 29, 2018 -PDACNM 2/7 Program – Behavioral Health Crisis in NM

Moral Monday, Feb 5 at the Roundhouse

Telling Our Stories, Demanding Progress

8:30 – 4:00
Roundhouse tours 8:30 – 12:00 Noon
Progressive organizations at the tables, rally on the east concourse at 12, speakers and music   We are rallying to bring awareness to the Legislature and to the Public that we the people have a voice in how our state is managed and how New Mexicans are treated.

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PDA CNM DIGEST January 29, 2018

PDACNM NEWSLETTER January 25, 2018 – Rally with Us


NM 2018 NM Legislative Session 
Action Alerts 

We are doing the PDACNM Action Alerts again this year and we encourage you to sign up.  This is a short session, primarily devoted to the budget, so don’t expect a lot of bills to support.  Legislators know that most bills addressing the interests of the people will be vetoed by this Governor.  The Republicans have introduced a large number of bills increasing punishment for various crimes.  It has been found that such increases in punishment are not effective in reducing crime, and we will probably want to oppose many of those bills.  On the bright side, there are several constitutional amendments – these can’t be vetoed – covering such things as early childhood education, universal voter registration, and an independent redistricting commission that we will be asking committee members to support.  Moreover, we can already see some good bills that we want to support, but will probably be vetoed.  Those vetoes put our Republican governor on the record, which will be noticed by the people.

If you are not already on the list to receive these Action Alerts and would like to be, please send me an email at stokescorrales@mac.com

Paul Stokes

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PDA CNM DIGEST January 25, 2018

Sierra Club – NM Legislative Update

The 2018 New Mexico legislative session is in full swing, and I know you want to know about the legislation that protects or threatens our climate, water, land and wildlife.

Below is a primer on priority environmental legislation. Please join our legislative listserv if you’d like action alerts during the session, and see the box at right for a great opportunity to get involved in Environment Day at the Roundhouse.

Pro-environment legislation

Solar tax credits (House Bills 36 and 87, Senate Bill 79) These bills take slightly different approaches to restoring the tax credit for New Mexico businesses and residents who install solar on their rooftops, up to 10%. It is a proven job-creator and boosts the solar industry. 

Energy-storage tax credit (HB77): This bill credits up to 30% of the purchase and installation cost of qualified storage systems, up to $5,000 for residents and $75,000 for businesses.

Funds for non-diversion Gila River projects (HB127 and SB72): These bills would earmark some of the funds currently slated for a $1 billion Gila River diversion project to go instead toward water-saving non-diversion projects in southwestern New Mexico counties.

Renewable energy on state buildings (SB7)Sen. Jeff Steinborn’s bill to install renewable energy on state buildings where it is economically feasible passed the Legislature with support from both parties but was vetoed by the governor. 

Anti-environment legislation

Keeping Coal Plants Alive (HB72)Rep. Paul Bandy’s bill would encourage the sale of coal-fired power plants for a dollar — perhaps to generators who could continue to operate these polluting facilities after New Mexico utilities have found them uneconomical. It also excludes the Public Regulation Commission from having any say in the transfer.

PNM’s Energy Redevelopment Bond (HB80) PNM must make significant commitments to the community, ratepayers and renewable energy to make this legislation — basically a state-backed bond to cover remaining debt after the San Juan coal plant closes — a positive investment rather than a bailout for PNM. 

Seizure of public lands (SB134) Sen. Cliff Pirtle’s bill demands that federal public land be transferred to the state and develops a committee to make that happen.

We are tracking many, many other bills that affect our climate, water, land and wildlife. To keep track and get action alerts, please join our legislative listserv and come to Environment Day at the Legislature on Feb. 1 (please see box for details). Write to riogrande.chapter@sierraclub.org for more information. 

Thank you for taking action and for all you do for New Mexico’s environment!

David Coss, Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter chair

To learn more about the work of the Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter, visit our website and our Facebook page.


CO2 Conscious Farming

Two Youtube videos (about 30 minutes each) that describe how improved agricultural practices can begin to reverse CO2 buildup. (And coincidentally improve ecosystem function, the water cycle and farmers’ financial sustainability.) Submitted by Christina Allday-Bondi (Stop Global Warming Action Team).