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Progressive Democrats of America Central NM Chapter Newsletter, April 17, 2019 April Green

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Our community gatherings will be held at First Congregational United Church of Christ at 2801 Lomas Blvd. NE beginning May 8.

The UCC is a Sanctuary Church which means  the church is housing and protecting a person under threat of deportation.  Therefore  there are some simple security measures as you enter the church.  There will be a PDA member at the door to assist your entrance.

Please join us in our new space with new and familiar faces; compelling presentations; passionate activism; and as always, The Raging Grannies.

Progressive Democrats of America Central NM Chapter Newsletter, April 9, 2019


Would you like to join PDACNM for some citizen advocacy with the staff of your US senator or representative? Every month PDACNM sits down with these friendly folks to express concerns, show support, share information and create lasting relationships.  We bring a letter each month from PDA national asking for support for specific legislation or to express our thanks for their support.  These letters are delivered by PDA chapters throughout the country. We welcome your participation.   Let us know if you can join us.  Lisa Franzen at; Laura Stokes at, Paul Stokes at

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PDACNM Newsletter, March 26, 2019


Beginning May 8, 2019 we will be meeting at the First Congregational Church, 2801 Lomas NE.

Same time, same familiar faces and hopefully some new ones and always the Raging Grannies.

The only thing missing will be the snacks.  UNLESS there is a wonderful volunteer out there who would enjoy organizing a snack committee.  We can provide all the washable plates and cutlery if someone is willing to do the organizing.

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PDACNM Newsletter, March 5, 2019 – PDACNM meeting March 13

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NEW PDA Group – “Whiteness and Privilege Explored”

PDA continues with its commitment to anti-racist organizing with a study group that will explore whiteness and privilege. Co-facilitators are Kathleen O’Malley, Karen Bentrup and Susan Kerr (many-decade antiracism trainer).

We have been exploring issues around racism and recognizing our own racism that is present at a deeply unconscious level. While we progressives believe in the equality of all persons, we need to see how embedded in each of us is the racism that has been present in the U.S. since its inception. We will be reading, listening to podcasts, watching videos, talking and challenging each other.

We welcome white people and people of color in this new exploration space. We fully recognize that the people of color in the group are NOT responsible for teaching, fixing, or guiding those of us who are white. That’s our white people work.

We hope that you consider joining our work group.  Please email BEFORE MARCH 1st if you want to participate. All the people who signed up at the February PDA gathering and everyone who emails Karen will receive an email in early March detailing this program.

Why talk about whiteness? Because we can’t talk about racism without it.

PDACNM Newsletter, February 25, 2019 – PDACNM meeting March 13

February 13 PDACNM Meeting

On Feb. 13, PDACNM was honored to hear the testimony of Kelly and Justin involving their prison experiences and lives post prison. Their stories had a strong and emotional impact on the audience. We wish that many more people could listen to their heartbreaking experiences which go a long way in bringing awareness of this often ignored population to the public. Selinda has been working tirelessly for House Bill 57 which originally would have given voting privileges to people currently serving time in prison. However, due to opposition from a sizable number of legislators who thought this bill went too far in giving voting rights to violent criminals, the authors of the bill agreed to amend the bill. This amendment does make voting more accessible to more people which we feel is a positive step in the voting rights movement. On Feb. 21, Selinda wrote, “This amendment will allow extended voting access to our citizens on probation and parole. It will still prohibit voting from Department of Corrections (prisons) but does not impact folks confined in county jails including those on probation and parole violations not adjudicated.”

“But the signal from our organizers behind the walls in New Mexico indicated this is still progress and that strategically it allows us to continue pushing this conversation. They shared that so many behind the walls are actually thinking and talking about voting when those conversations never existed for so many. So, I am receiving my inspiration again from our citizens behind the walls! ”

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Education Not Deportation Advocacy Day

Thank you for having me today at La Red. Please forward this to the rest of the partners. Our Education Not Deportation Campaign seeks to increase our state’s investment in public education while reducing the investment in federal immigration enforcement.

Tuesday, February 19th a day full of experience-based learning at the state’s capitol. During the day we will visit legislators offices and advocate for the bills that are directly impacting our communities. For preparation participants will engage in advocacy activities and civic engagement training on Saturday, Feb 16th. We would love to invite you and your members to join us for this day.

To be part of our day long advocacy program register for this day please fill this registration form. If you cannot participate in our program but you would still like to help, make sure to be at the Rotunda at 2pm to catch our closing of the day with a visual of people power!

What: Education Not Deportation: The Rise
When: February 19
Facebook Event
If you have any questions you can contact me at this email or at 505 210 2966

Felipe Rodriguez
Campaign Manager
NM Dream Team