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COP26 Presentation to on December 4th from Edinburgh by Lora Lucero

share a personal account of my experience in Glasgow and leave you with a simple take away message.

Quick COP26 Background: 

COP26 follows a long line of international climate meetings going back as far as 1979 in Geneva. The scientists have been issuing their international climate reports since 1988. (First IPCC was in 1988).  The COP meeting in 2015 in Paris was considered a major breakthrough because they pledged to reduce carbon emissions, and to review the pledges every 5 years to further ratchet down CO2 emissions. Didn’t meet in 2020 but the scientists issued their startling report in August 2021 and didn’t mince words.  The situation is dire and we’re on a course today with irreversible impacts that will be catastrophic if we don’t take immediate steps to cut greenhouse gas emissions.  The goal is to keep the temperature increase to no greater than 1.5 C above pre-industrial levels. The Emissions Gap Report released in December 2020 shows we’re headed to a warming in excess of 3.0 C this century.

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December 2021 PDACNM Newsletter

Support Fair Redistricting in New Mexico

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham will on Monday call the
New Mexico Legislature into special session to
finalize and approve new legislative district maps,
beginning at noon on Monday, December 6th

Lawmakers: Adopt redistricting boundaries that are based on place, not politics. Support fair voting districts in New Mexico! Help us make
sure this year’s new boundaries are based on place, not politics.


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