NM Owes an Apology

Since New Mexico is the 2nd largest oil producing state in the country and the 5th largest gas producer, New Mexicans owe a big apology to the rest of the country for our failure to address climate change in the recent legislative session. 

This short interview (Apr.8) explains the seriousness of New Mexico’s contribution to the climate emergency.

Permian development fuels climate change

The continued oil boom in the Permian Basin is reflected in New Mexico’s budget. But it also affects the climate, local communities, and the landscape. Not only that, but many companies pollute even beyond what regulations allow, with few repercussions. Jerry Redfern, a reporter with Capital & Main, talks about the role his reporting played in fines levied against two Texas companies – and about New Mexico’s disproportionate contributions to the planet’s warming climate. 


Capital & Main Reporting Leads to Fines for Oil and Gas Polluters

Despite Rules, New Mexico Oil and Gas Producers Keep Polluting

New Mexico Legislature Fails IPCC Test

AR6 Synthesis Report, Climate Change 2023


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