Testimony to the PRC on March 22 About the Proposed Avangrid Merger

My name is Lora Lucero and I’m a member of the Progressive Democrats of America – Central New Mexico chapter. Yesterday we met to discuss PRC’s rehearing of this proposed merger. I’m speaking on behalf of PDA.

Regardless of what anyone thinks about the merits of this proposed merger, this second bite at the apple stinks.  It’s no secret that Governor Lujan supports this merger and recently appointed new PRC members. The previous elected PRC members made a decision following an extensive public process in which all parties and the public participated.  Anyone not satisfied with that decision-making process has a judicial process available to air any grievances. To short-circuit the judicial process and return to the PRC, where the only change that has occurred is a change in the membership of the PRC ….. STINKS and violates any basic notion of fairness, the rule of law and due process. The decision of the previous PRC members must be respected.

Whether or not any of you have expressed an opinion about this merger, the timing of this rehearing and reconsideration has the appearance of favoritism and taints the credibility of the PRC moving forward.  We urge you to reject this proposal to place the proposed merger back in your laps.


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