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Progressive Democrats of America CNM Chapter Newsletter – Black History Month

The Democrats’ Moral Dilemma 

With the rise of Michael Bloomberg in the polls, the values that have historically defined the Democratic Party are being challenged. Every day we are exposed to more and more of Bloomberg’s racist, classist, and sexist comments and actions, many of which seem to be quite similar to those of the current occupant of the White House. And yet, we hear liberal Democrats say “No one is perfect” as they justify their insistence that this Republican Light is the only one who can beat the Republican Hoax. This kind of hypocrisy sounds so similar to that which we accuse Trump Republicans of. We find him loathsome but he’s our loathsome. A caution to those who say that Bloomberg is the most electable. There are Democrats and Independents out there who still have a conscience and will vote accordingly.

Laura Stokes

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Progressive Democrats of America CNM Chapter Newsletter – Community Gathering Reminder – Public Banks

Healthcare, Not Warfare Action Team  

The Action Team meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month, 2:00 PM, at Casa Clara, 1400 Vassar St.  NE.  We often have invited guests.

Contact the Action Team at  207 332-8026

Herb Hoffman

End Corporate Rule

We are in the process of organizing an End Corporate Rule Action Team.  If you are interested, email Willard at

End Wars and Occupations Action Team

End Wars and Occupations meets at 4:00 PM on the second Wed. of the month, just before the PDACNM meeting at First Congregational United Church of Christ, 2801 Lomas NE.

Our mission is to transform the Democratic Party into a party that works for world peace by:
* changing our economy from war-centered to life-affirming,
* serving public interests rather than corporate and military agendas,
* working to reduce and eventually eliminate nuclear weapons, and
* promoting problem-solving through diplomacy and non-violence.
We will take actions to influence our policy makers toward these goals.

To join contact Dick Harrison at or Willard Hunter at

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Progressive Democrats of America CNM Chapter Newsletter – Public Banking in NM


Would you like to join PDACNM for some citizen advocacy with the staff of your US senator or representative? Every month PDACNM sits down with these friendly folks to express concerns, show support, share information and create lasting relationships.

We bring a letter each month from PDA national asking for support for specific legislation or to express our thanks for their support.  These letters are delivered by PDA chapters throughout the country. We welcome your participation.

Let us know if you can join us.  Lisa Franzen at, Laura Stokes at, Paul Stokes at, Deborah Marez-Baca at

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