Voter Access Protection and Election Integrity

Leader: Paul Stokes

The U.S. election system is in crisis. Big-money interests dominate U.S. politics in ways unknown in other industrialized countries, with social and environmental progress often blocked by officials who cater to big donors to insure re-election funds. Incumbents are unfairly insulated by district gerrymandering and rules, which obstruct independent candidates and parties.

  • Public financing of Elections
  • Independent Redistricting Commission
  • Driver’s License Automatic Voter Registration

Voter Access and Election Integrity

Voter Access – Provide easy access to voting – anti-voter suppression

  • We believe that every citizen should be able to vote
  • We believe that the more hoops voters have to jump through, the fewer voters there will be

Election Integrity – Provide methods and transparency to ensure that all legitimate votes and only legitimate votes are accurately recorded and counted by the computerized voting system

 What does New Mexico do to improve access to voting?

We provide several ways to register

  • The traditional registration form at the county clerk’s office
  • Registration drives/registration agents
  • Online registration
  • At the Motor Vehicle Department office
  • Same Day Registration

We provide several ways to vote

  • At your Voter Convenience Center (or in some locations at your precinct)
  • Early voting
  • Vote by mail
  • We now have a multi-party Redistricting Commission

What can citizens do to improve the election system?

  • We can support state legislation to make voting easier
  • PDA issues Action Alerts and a tool to lobby legislators. Let us know if you want to receive Legislative Action Alerts:
  • PDA works with the New Mexico Election Administration Coalition led by America Votes to develop and support legislation and promote it at the Legislature
  • Examples
    • Automatic, universal voter registration
    • Permanent list to receive a mail-in ballot
    • Public financing of political campaigns
    • Felon voting rights
    • Fair re-districting
  • We can lobby our senators to do whatever it takes to pass Senate Bill 1, For the People Act, and Senate Bill 4263, John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act
  • Establish election day as a holiday