CALL TO ACTION: push back against extremism


Right now:  Protect our Legislators and the Roundhouse – contact your State Representative and Senator, plus leadership.
Find your NM legislators: 
   Call – the NM Legislative Council Service at 505 986-4600
   Sen. Peter Wirth, Majority Leader:   Capitol phone (505) 986-4727
  Rep. Brian Egolf, Speaker of the House  Capitol phone (505) 986-4782
Talking point suggestions: We are concerned for your safety and the safety of all the employees when in the Roundhouse for any required days. It is clear from the FBI notices about Trump extremists’ plans, and from white nationalist social media promising a civil war and “blood on the walls” – that state capitols are being targeted starting January 16th. With only 60 days to consider hundreds of bills, we need this Legislative session to continue with no delays for building evacuations, bomb detection, and more. We ask that you consider a full virtual session or change the in-person days to later in the session. Additionally, your leadership is critical – please speak out now about the full legitimacy of the Electoral College vote, and that any attempts to derail your work is an attack on our democracy.

Starting Friday thru Inauguration:   #StopTheSpread campaign – Contact NM Gov & Depts
Focus: Every time the extremists and Trump supporters gather, they are almost universally maskless and massed together creating super-spreader events. They are planning to be at the Roundhouse starting Saturday, Jan. 16 through 22nd.
Everyone: contact Governor & NM Dept Secretaries, plus use Reporting Form.
Talking points: We demand that you protect our health and enforce the current public health orders. When these maskless Trump supporters spread coronavirus, they threaten the health of my family, our elders, and the hardest hit Native communities and African Americans. These extremists are threatening a civil war and plan to be at the Roundhouse from January 16th – 20th. Nearly all our NM counties are RED – our hospitals are overwhelmed and our frontline healthcare teams are exhausted. Stop these maskless Trump supporters from brazenly ignoring public health orders and endangering the health of Roundhouse staff, Legislators, and capitol law enforcement, and all of us citizens. 
Right now: Condemn Rep Yvette Herrell for her support of baseless voter fraud claims
Her actions fuel the extremist attacks in our state and at Congress.
County Commissioner Harry Browne is submitting a resolution condemning the action of Rep. Herrell.
SEND: Support letters to  (even if you don’t live here send a letter)
Please like the FB group “Remove Yvette Herrell” 
On January 20th: Cruising for Democracy – spontaneous car rallies along major streets. 
Signs on cars plus music!
In Albuquerque, Central Avenue between Washington (O’Neills pub) and 8th Avenue roundabout, 2:00pm -dark.
In Grant County: FMI Nick Prince  –
On January 20th: Brown Berets – national/NM actions in support of Immigrant Rights
Focusing on kids in cages must be freed and end family separation.
Tactics: banner drops and more
Action: be prepared to uplift their messaging and photos on social media. 
On January 22: Veterans for Peace ACTION on Friday 1/22, Noon-1pm Sante Fe (wear masks)
FMI:  Greg –
Focus: Observation of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, takes effect on Jan 22. 
Action: Vigil at southeast corner of St. Francis and Cerrillos Rd. Bring anit-nuke and peace signs.
Then an optional caravan up to Los Alamos for a vigil at Ashley Pond. 
Rep. Deb Haaland is confirmed as Secretary of the Interior, then we replace her CD1 seat.
EVERYONE ATTEND: Thursday Jan. 14, 6:00pmMST – Dem Party and DP1 Seat
Join NM Secretary of State Maggie Tolouse Oliver, Bernalillo Co. Clerk Linda Stover, DPNM Chair Marg Elliston, Executive Director Chelsey Evans, DPBC Chair Flora Lucero, and DPVC Chair Joan Day-Baker as they discuss upcoming happenings from Ward and CCC Meetings to the General Election to replace a Congressional Rep.
Jan 16th, 1:00-3:00pmMST – Let’s be on the national frontlines and then translate this for NM!
The Frontline is partnering with Women’s March, Rising Majority, the Movement for Black Lives, Working Families Party, United We Dream and others to continue to mobilize thru #ForwardTogether, an unprecedented Mass Organizing Virtual Event on January 16th 

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