Impeach-Expel-Disqualify-Investigate-Hold Accountable: The Day After (CEVNM)

Morning Friends – none of us have slept much and all of us are heart-broken yet unsurprised as white supremacy, white male privilege, and hatred once again terrorized our nation. One of our members sent me her grandchild’s assessment – these were Terrorists treated like Tourists. The clear differences from this policing of white terrorists vs. Movement for Black Lives protesters was stark and violent.

Thank yous to Sayrah and Zach for keeping us informed about SantaFe Trumpers’ actions, many of you sending me alerts, and for everyone who called/used social media to push our state and national elected officials. Your presence helped me feel less afraid, more substantial and able, and ready to continue our work.

Trump is not ceding power. Whether he is removed via the 25th amendment, impeached or not, his terrorist followers want their civil war. So we need to be vigilant! Stay informed and connected – together we mobilize to defend now and build the Radical Democracy that cares for all of us!

BELOW are national calls, our next zoom, and some very supportive thoughts.
Source: Count Every Vote New Mexico


Indivisible National Activist Call, Thursday, Jan 7 at 6:00pm MST

CountEveryVoteNM NEXT ZOOM:  Monday, Jan. 11, 4:00pm MST
Here in NM – CEVNM and all our groups – we need to push harder to get the health restrictions enforced; calling MOCs; and other national Call-Outs.
(email if you want to be added to CEVNM zoom list)

The Frontline National Calls by the coalition of WFP, United We Dream, M4BL, ElectionDefenders
“Forward Together Mass Call” on January 16 (time TBA) –


1)  Contact our MOCs daily and demand:
INVESTIGATE 1/6/21 attacks & security responses (Capital and Metro Police, National Guard)
HOLD RESPONSIBLE the GOP enablers – ALL OF THEM! (psst Mitch – there’s no take-backs)
Every Day – call, text, tweet,

2)  LANGUAGE is always CRITICAL. Use these terms on social media and in your comms:
Domestic terrorism.  Fascist mob.  MAGA insurrectionists.  Traitors to  America.  Rioters.  Looters.
Violent riots.  Sedition.  Seditious coup attempt.  Coup.  Subverting democracy.  White nationalism.
Not patriotism, this is terrorism.

3)  Media must be pushed to NOT allow MAGA-fascists from repeating their lies w/o balance.
KOAT TV interviewed the founder of Cowboys for Trump (Couy Griffin, an Otero County Commissioner) platforming his lies, misinformation about a “:stolen election” with no balanced or truth-checking, and worse – to continue to threaten us. Griffen said,
“… but if the fraud and the crime continues in our nation, these protests are going to become more and more unpeaceful,”

Call KOAT and let them know how you feel about this: 505-884-7777 x 5

We thank these people, leaders, news sources and orgs for speaking truth in this moment.

Dr. Barry C. Black, the Senate chaplain’s prayer, resounding through the government chamber in the early hours of Thursday, declaratively closed a joint session of Congress marred by mob violence.  “These tragedies have reminded us that words matter, and that the power of life and death is in the tongue,” he said. “We have been warned that eternal vigilance continues to be freedom’s price.”
Choose Democracy offers –

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the emotional weight of this moment. This is awful and another line crossed by Trump’s behavior. He called for the protest, spoke at it, and told his supporters to march to the Capitol. It is outrageous — broken windows, shots fired, explosive devices planted, 13 arrested with weapons confiscated inside the capitol and one person shot under unclear circumstances. As members of the public, we’re feeling angry and disheartened. We always said a coup needs legitimacy to be successful. If the goal of today’s seizure of the Capitol was to gain legitimacy, the action has backfired spectacularly.

Pace et Bene & Campaign Nonviolence … “sees today as a painful reminder of the importance of building a culture of nonviolence. Democracy and nonviolence go hand-in-hand. Where we nurture one, we foster the other.”

Western States statement:

Joy Reid, 3mins –

Van Jones, first 2:50mins –

Trump’s inauguration speech remix, start at ~min.8:00 –

Nicole Cardoza of Anti-Racism Daily called this exactly what it is …
Some people have called this an example of white privilege. But I’d go further to state that this was a demonstration of white power, the act of intentionally wielding white privilege and whiteness to maintain dominance above all else. This isn’t just about Trump or inadequate law enforcement, but a persistent defense of white supremacy. The disproportionate response of law enforcement against white and non-white communities has been steadily documented.Furthermore, this behavior is supported by how our country historically has labeled terrorism in the U.S. Because these were not protesters. They were terrorists: individuals using unlawful force to intimidate or coerce a government.

So although President-elect Biden and other leaders are adamant that “this is not who America is,” I disagree. This is exactly who America is. America was built on white supremacy. It consistently protects white terrorism, enables a racist criminal justice system, and elects Presidents who speak to these ideals. What’s more accurate is “this is not the America we’re fighting for”. Because that one is emerging.

The most important thing to remember is that this didn’t happen four years ago. And it won’t end in two weeks. We’re going to keep facing the violence of white supremacy until it’s gone. And we’ve got a lot more work to do. We’re unlikely to see it end in our lifetime. So as you move forward, remember that we have to keep doing the work. Admonish the terrorists – and also address the racist sentiment in your workplace. Continue to unpack your own biases and privileges. It’s clear our future depends on it.

In New Mexico yesterday:
“Mask-wearing, physical distancing and other measures are how we protect our families, friends and communities,” Health Department spokesman Matt Bieber said. “They’re how we keep our most vulnerable neighbors safe. They’re how we save lives.”

“As far as I can tell,” Raúl Burciaga, director of the Legislative Council Service said at the Roundhouse, “the only thing the protesters may have left behind are some horse droppings.”

“How appropriate,” Rep. Liz Thomson, D-Albuquerque, wrote on Twitter. “What they left is what they are peddling.”

Let’s close with our joy, deep admiration for the grassroots Black-women-led years of organizing, and victory for
SENATORS FROM GEORGIA – Rev. Raphael Warnock and John Ossoff

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