Medicare for All Speakers Bureau

The Medicare for All Speakers Bureau is an independent group of volunteers who are dedicated to educating the public about the benefits, value, and urgent need for a universal single payer health care system  to replace our broken system. This need has become all the more apparent in the current coronavirus pandemic.

We have a 50 minute program (30 minute presentation and 20 minute Q&A) on how we can pay less and have better healthcare. We focus on current Medicare for All bills in Congress.

We cover:

  • what Medicare for All is
  • how it will provide quality health care to all US residents
  • how it will save money for about 90% of our population
  • we provide an illustration from the Medicare for All Calculator which shows the savings at various income levels for families

We are able to present over Zoom or another virtual meeting place during this COVID-19 time.

To arrange for a speaker, email:

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