PDACNM Monthly Gathering

Community Gathering

December 11, 2019
First Congregational United Church of Christ
2801 Lomas Blvd NE.

Doors open 5:30       Program begins 6:00

New Mexico State Budget for 2020 

 Given the economic challenges we face in our state, it seems to us that we need to begin to take seriously the way our state government is spending its resources and then begin to question how effectively those tax dollars are working for New Mexico.  Bill Jordan of New Mexico Voices for Children will be discussing the NM state budget, how the state spends money and why it matters.

Bill Jordan, MA
Government Relations Officer – Voices for Children

Bill has been with NM Voices since 1998 and leads our legislative advocacy efforts in Santa Fe and Washington, D.C., working primarily with lawmakers on issues such as raising the minimum wage, creating a state-level earned income tax credit, expanding access to health care, passing the child helmet safety law, and the like. Bill is relied upon by many legislators for data and information relating to the legislation they are voting on or writing. He was appointed to Governor Richardson’s Equal Pay Task Force and his Budget Balancing Task Force. Previously, Bill was Executive Director of the HIV Coordinating Council of New Mexico.

Here’s a little homework for you – Citizen’s Guide to the NM State Budget

And a vocabulary list:

Please try to be there before 6:00 because the doors lock automatically.  However, if you can’t make it by then, ring the bell or text the number listed at the door and someone will let you in.  It might take a minute so don’t leave!! We want to see you.

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