Progressive Democrats of America Central NM Chapter Newsletter JULY 16, 2019 – Truth to Power

July 12, 2019 – Lights for Liberty Vigil in Estancia, NM


Deborah Marez-Baca and Karen Bentrup at the Vigil presenting “Migration is a Human Right”

Karen and Deborah created a very comprehensive and easy-to-use document outlining actions anyone can take to help end the shameful policies of the Trump administration.

Migration is a Human Right
Read entire document here

Tell the TRUTH to everyone! Challenge the lies.

Migrants arriving at our borders have the legal right to seek refuge and asylum.

The atrocity is that we are imprisoning children. No child should be in prison, ever, for even one day.

The wider problem is that our government has criminalized migration. They are treating a humanitarian crisis as though it’s a crime, and doing all they can to punish people.

No migration crisis springs out of nothing. In the powerful words of poet Warsan Shire, “No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark.”  For over 120 years in Central America, the U.S. has been leveraging land and resources for corporations and holding profit above human wellbeing.

The migrants arriving at our border are undeterred by the cruel practices that receive them, because every element of safety and  security in their own countries has been destroyed.

These border-based cruelties join hundreds of years of America’s assaults on brown and black bodies.”

Read the Newsletter Here!


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