Migration is a Human Right

Imprisoning Children is a Mass Atrocity! Use your outrage and act. In this document are simple things you can do every day to reunite the families, end detention, close the concentration camps, defund ICE, and stop the raids.

You can download a PDF of this post here.

Use your outrage and act. Below are simple things you can do every day to reunite the families, end detention, close the concentration camps, defund ICE, and stop the raids.

#CloseTheCamps #DefundHate #AbolishICE #Not1More #KeepFamiliesTogether

1 – Tell the TRUTH to everyone! Challenge the lies.

. Migrants arriving at our borders have the legal right to seek refuge and asylum.
. The atrocity is that we are imprisoning children. No child should be in prison, ever, for even one day.
. The wider problem is that our government has criminalized migration. They are treating a
humanitarian crisis as though it’s a crime, and doing all they can to punish people.
. No migration crisis springs out of nothing. In the powerful words of poet Warsan Shire, “No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark.” For over 120 years in Central America, the U.S. has been leveraging land and resources for corporations and holding profit above human well being.
. The migrants arriving at our border are undeterred by the cruel practices that receive them, because every element of safety and security in their own countries has been destroyed.
. These border-based cruelties join hundreds of years of America’s assaults on brown and black bodies.

All of us together are the power to change America into a place that welcomes everyone.

2 – Select ORGANIZATIONS to support, join or follow their media, like:

. New Mexico Dream Team – https://www.nmdreamteam.org/
. El Centro in Albuquerque – http://elcentronm.org/
. RAICES – https://www.raicestexas.org/ Refugee & Immigration Center for Education & Legal Services
. Close the Camps at United We Dream – https://closethecamps.us/
. Presente – Text PRESENTE to 225568 to get mobile alerts.
. Families Belong Together – Text BELONG to 97779 for mobile alerts.
. United We Dream – Text HereToStay to 877877 to support immigrants here in U.S.

3 – DONATE MONEY in any amount to immigrant and refugee support organizations:

. Bail fund for immigrants in detention: https://www.communityjusticeexchange.org/nbfn-directory
. Texas Civil Rights Project – providing attorneys for immigrants:
. Select organizations at this vetted site: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/kidsattheborder

4 – Put up POSTERS where you work, play, or worship. Post them on Facebook, Instagram.

Love knows no borders – powerful small posters for download, free:

5 – Forward this list to your people: “20 THINGS you can do now”


“When change happens, it’s either because people see the light or they feel the fire!” @AyannaPressley

6 – Get BANKS out of lending money to for-profit detention centers and prisons.


About: The 2 largest private prison profiteers, CoreCivic and GRO Group, depend on debt financing to conduct their day-to-day business operations, finance new facilities, and acquire smaller companies. Presente and #FamiliesBelongTogether have gotten 3 banks to stop funding – Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and JP Morgan.

Action: If these 3 are your banks, thank them for withdrawing from profiting from human misery.

If not your bank, contact your bank and ask if they finance CoreCivic or GEO Group. Check their records.

If yes, demand they exit OR take your money elsewhere. It is important that we tell the banks that their role in the pain and suffering of imprisoning people is shameful and completely unacceptable. #NotMyMoney!

7 – Don’t stay at any of these HOTELS until they stop acting as defacto detention centers.

Nine U.S. hotel chains will aid Trump’s racist anti-immigrant agenda by collaborating with ICE to hold detained immigrants: * = all these hotels have previously contracted with ICE!

. Best Western Hotels and Resorts*
. Choice Hotels (EconoLodge, Comfort Inn, Quality Inn, Sleep Inn)*
. Drury Hotels*
. G6 Hospitality (Motel 6) – previously shared guest info with ICE so they could deport people!
. Hilton (Hampton Inn, Embassy Suites)*
. InterContinental Hotels Group (Holiday Inn)*
. Marriott (Courtyard, Fairfield)
. Red Roof*
. Wyndham Hotels (Days Inn, Ramada, Super 8, Howard Johnson, La Quinta)*

8 – Shift your CONGREGATION or religious association or spiritual group to be more involved in caring for all of God’s people and protecting immigrant children and families.

. Resources here: https://uucsj.org/tools-for-sanctuary-solidarity/
. New Mexico Faith Coalition for Immigrant Justice – https://www.nmimmigrantjustice.org/

“Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs.” (Matthew 19:14)

9 – PROTEST through your presence + music at the ongoing “Vigil for the Border Children”

Join the Medicine Drum Circle in ABQ, every Saturday at noon in front of the Federal Courthouse, 3rd & Lomas

FMI: Lisa Lucero at 505-417-4704

10 – Know the LEGAL RIGHTS of immigrants in the U.S. Print and post these rights.

. Call MigraWatch at 1-844-363-1423, to report ICE & CBP activity.
. https://unitedwedream.org/heretostay/know-your-power/
. Know Your Rights list: https://www.aclu.org/know-your-rights/immigrants-rights/
. https://unitedwedream.org/our-work/deportation-defense/
. Did you know: Don’t open your doors. Exercise right to remain silent. Don’t sign anything before talking
to attorney. Record your encounter. Report your encounter. Get help.

11 – SUPPORT REFUGEES with donated items, check current lists:

. CABQ, Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs – click on Aid for Asylum Seekers.
. Indivisible NobHill posts links at https://indivisiblenobhill.com/ Look for “Donate goods to asylum seekers”.

Representatives – call yours

. Deb Haaland: 202-225-6316
. Ben Ray Lujan: 202-225-6190
. Xochitl Torres Small: 202-225-2365

Senators – call both

. Tom Udall: 202-224-6621
. Martin Heinrich: 202-224-5521

12 – Contact U.S. CONGRESS – Call or text them EVERY DAY until atrocities end!

Use the ResistBot to text elected officials. To start, text RESIST to 50409. Then follow the prompts. Easy!

Short script: “Close the camps, stop funding family detention and mass deportations, bear witness & visit the
detention centers here in NM, release and care for the children, and reunite all the families.”

#DefundHate script: Tell Congress to cut funding for ICE and CBP ahead of the September budget fight.

“I’m calling to ask [MoC] to Defund Hate in this year’s budget by cutting funding for ICE and CBP in the Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill, and by getting rid of the slush fund in that bill that will allow ICE to continue terrorizing immigrant communities. Will you commit to work to Defund Hate?”

13 – Call DEMOCRAT LEADERSHIP in Congress, express disgust about giving Trump money.

. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer: 202-224-6542
. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi: 202-225-4965

Script: “We are completely disgusted that the Democrat leadership in both the Senate and the House supported a border bill that will give Trump access to billions to use for more raids, more deportations, and increasing the numbers of children in concentration camps. You are complicit in these mass atrocities.”

14 – Use your VOTE to push back against inhumane border policies!

Question Candidates about what they are specifically going to do: to address the humanitarian crisis at the border, end the proliferation of ICE and CBP agents all over communities, stop Trump’s racist wall, reunite families, care for the children harmed in detention, and create pathways to citizenship.

Post their answers all over social media. Take a video of you asking the candidate the questions, share it.

15 – Tell LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT and local government NOT to partner with ICE.

While immigration is federal law, local law enforcement can play an important role in refusing to help ICE.

. In Albuquerque area:
o Office of Mayor Tim Keller at 505-768-3000
o Office of Police Chief Mike Geier at 505-768-2200

Script: “We do not want our local law enforcement and government officials to partner with ICE officers for raids or for any other purpose.”


Script: “My whole family here in (city/county) supports services for immigrants arriving in New Mexico.

We want all the families united, released from detention and cared for. Anything the (city/county) can do to support immigrants and refugees, we want it done. Let’s get better jobs in rural communities so they don’t have to depend on prisons and detention centers for revenue!”

. In Albuquerque or Bernalillo County:
o CABQ City Council: https://www.cabq.gov/council/find-your-councilor/contact-all-councilors
o BernCo County Commissioners: https://www.bernco.gov/boards-commissions/bernalillo-county-board-

17 – Increase your UNDERSTANDING of what CONGRESS is doing around the atrocities.

Our friends at national Indivisible have summarized the budget issues and votes and our grassroots strategies related to stopping the crimes against humanity happening to immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

Read here: https://indivisible.org/resource/tell-your-representative-defund-hate

And here: https://act.indivisible.org/call/defund-hate

Earlier in June, the Trump administration asked for billions of emergency dollars purportedly to address the crisis at the border, but in reality to fund their anti-immigrant hate machine. So this was a big opportunity to fight back, to define an alternative vision for what America could be about, and to make use of the new Democratic House majority. But then three bad things happened:

. Bad thing #1: With Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s support, Mitch McConnell passed a bill through the Senate to basically give Trump a blank check. More money for ICE, more money for detention, and no real checks on how it would be spent. It was so bad that our partners at the Defund Hate Coalition (a leading coalition of immigrant rights advocates and allies) declared that the bill was literally worse than nothing. At this point, all hope was not lost, since, we flipped the House of Representative last year and that meant we had power. That meant we could say NO to Trump, and demand a better deal. We were ready to fight.
. Bad thing #2: Then a group of conservative Democrats, organized by New Jersey Rep. Josh Gottheimer and the ironically-named “Problem Solvers Caucus,” led an internal revolt demanding that the House pass the bad Senate bill, with no amendments. Yes, a group of Democrats demanded that Trump and his enforcement goons get a blank check. We knew that Speaker Pelosi was a master legislative tactician. We just need to repel the conservative rebellion and pass a strong House bill.
. Bad thing #3: And then the final bad thing happened: House Democratic leadership folded. Over the objection of leading immigrant rights advocates, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and progressive members of Congress, Speaker Pelosi put the terrible Senate bill up for vote with zero amendments. Nearly a hundred House Democrats refused to support the bill, and it passed with mostly Republican support. Just to underline that point — Pelosi led a mostly Republican coalition to pass the border bill.

The result: Congress wrote Trump and his deportation machine a blank check to continue terrorizing immigrant families. Since taking office, Trump has demonstrated again and again that he will use every dollar he can to expand his enforcement apparatus. And yet, Congress — including the Democratically-controlled House — gave Trump the supplemental Department of Homeland Security funding he requested, without meaningful guardrails for how that money would be spent.

And, even more cruelly, Trump may be planning raids starting on July 14. That means ICE agents going into communities, workplaces, and tearing parents from their children in the middle of the night.

The truth about the raids, the concentration camps at our border, and the ongoing terrorizing of immigrant families in this country is that it continues to happen because Congress continues to fund it.

. The biggest fight on immigration this year will be over funding for FY20.
. Trump wants billions more for ICE and CBP in next year’s budget for his wall, and more agents & cages.

So, we the people, need to make our collective voices heard in the appropriations process (due Sept 30th).

Members of Congress have a choice to make: they can continue to give Trump money for more concentration camps, to raid communities and separate families, or they can cut funding to those agencies and use that money instead for humanitarian programs and alternatives to detention.

Tell Congress to cut funding for ICE and CBP ahead of the September budget fight!

You can download a PDF of this post here.

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