Progressive Democrats of America Central NM Chapter Newsletter April 30 – Support Corporate Free Dems

We, all of us together, can end corporate rule!!

From time to time, we like to remind everyone that one of the essential pillars of PDA is Ending Corporate Rule. Based on that mission, we urge everyone to please consider helping out local candidates who are running for office with Public Financing. They need seed money in order to qualify as a candidate.

And we urge everyone to consider the same principle of ending corporate rule when choosing any candidate for public office – national, state, county and city. We hear Democrats say every day that we cannot save our Democracy until we get the influence of big money out of politics; and yet, those same Democrats will unquestionably support candidates who continue to feed at the trough of corporate magnanimity. This kind of hypocrisy cannot be made more obvious than by the results of recent polls that show Joe Biden leading among the announced presidential candidates. It is profoundly troubling, for the reasons listed in the article below, that millions of Americans find Biden to be the most “electable” of all the candidates.

Most of us feel powerless to challenge the vise that money has on our electoral system but one way we can overcome the evil of a corrupt system is to support candidates who refuse to play the corporate game. More and more candidates are refusing to take corporate dollars. We can make a difference by supporting those candidates.

Read the Newsletter Here!

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