Progressive Caucus of NM Democratic Party Needs YOU

At this critical juncture, so much depends on which direction the Democratic Party takes.  We PDAers are doing our level best to bring about needed change and we saw some beautiful results of that activism in the 2018 midterms.  If you haven’t already done so, you’re now invited to amplify your PDA efforts by joining the Adelante Progressive Caucus of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

Adelante provides an umbrella under which progressives of all stripes can work together towards restoring the Democratic Party to its rightful mission as a champion of the people as vs. a party that kowtows to corporate power and compromises the farm away in the name of pragmatism, counting on the fact that the other party is so much worse, people will have no choice but to vote Democratic–a cynical and witless calculation that backfired bigtime in 2016.

As progressives our most urgent challenge is to midwife a historic transformation of our party from the grassroots up.  If we are to save our democracy from the forces that threaten to turn it into an empty charade, this must be accomplished in the near future.  In committing to the NM progressive family that comes together under Adelante, you will strengthen our collective voice within the party and help our people get a seat at the table where choices are made and power is exercised.

In New Mexico we also have the chance to make our state party a shining example to other states across the country where the same struggle is going on in anticipation of the fateful 2020 elections.

Please consider climbing aboard the good ship Adelante NOW:

Together we rise, and together we will make this a better country to live in.

With all hands on deck, we will turn this thing around.

–Jerilyn Bowen

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