Summary of PDA Meeting – 8/8/2018

Much gratitude to Sue Queen for coalescing us around a focused topic for SGW (Stop Global Warming) to host the August monthly meeting. Sue and Scott Lake’s research and action handout are great! Christina provided 2 handouts to focus people’s actions on the farm bill and regenerative agriculture.

Sue Queen kicked us off with her presentation on the 2017 increase in investment in fossil fuels and concrete ways we can all divest. Delese Dellios from 350NM provided a strong Power Point presentation (click here to view) to help us think broadly across the state and about rural electric issues.

Learning about the NM PRC and the 2 progressive candidates got rave reviews from many people. Thanks to Commissioner Cynthia Hall and candidates Steve Fischmann and Kevin Sanders. And Ted Cloak topped off the evening sharing his lived-experience of urban solar living and electric driving!

Karen Bentrup (Leader Stop Global Warming Action Team)

For more information see an expanded article on Divestiture and the program handout.

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