Join an Adelante Caucus Committee!

Dear Adelante Caucus member,

Caucus members are signing up to volunteer for various committees! Would you like to get in on the ground floor of helping build the caucus and carry out its mission? Together, we can build a strong statewide caucus.

We are just getting started, so you could help decide the structure and functions of committees. The time commitment is flexible. We are especially looking for leaders. Committee leaders will receive guidance.

Below are some examples of different jobs each committee might handle.

* Content for Digital Media
* Letters to the Editor
* Newsletters
* Press Relations
* Interpretation
* Visual Media

Working with under-represented populations to:
* Register Voters
* Cultivate Leaders within the Caucus and the Party Structure and as Potential Lawmakers
* Serve as Liaison to Market the Caucus to those Communities and Bring their Concerns back to the Caucus

* Budgeting
* Developing Financial Controls
* Fundraising

Membership and Events
* Arranging Event Venues
* Arranging Event Guest Speakers
* Child Care at Events
* Data Entry
* Recruiting Members

Nominations for Caucus Officers
* Seeking candidates
* Evaluating candidates

Policy and Politics
* Candidate Recruiting and Development
* Candidate Research and Evaluation
* Developing Small-Donor Fundraising for the Party
* Lobbying Officials
* Party Rules Changes
* Supporting Candidate Campaigns
NOTE: The direction of this committee will likely depend on goals to be decided at an all-day goals session June 2, for which we have already reached capacity.

* Data Analysis
* Database Management
* Mapping
* Technical Aspects of Digital Media

No matter what your interests and skills, you can help build the caucus by volunteering.

PLEASE SIGN UP, by filling out the form at

If you have any questions, please write to the interim volunteer coordinator, Maurreen Skowran, at


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