The Stop Wars & Occupations Action Team – PDA 2018 Candidates Peace Pledge

The Stop Wars & Occupations Action Team will be sending out the Peace Pledge to all candidates for statewide office and then to New Mexico House candidates in Bernalillo and adjoining counties.

We have seen how war and violence have spread like a cancer throughout our global community. It is causing untold human suffering, draining resources badly needed for the common good, dividing the human family into competing groups, and causing the people to live in fear. Peace seems so far away – like a distant dream. As Rev. Jim Rigby of Austin, Texas has said, “Peace will come when we stop praying for it as a destination and begin living it as a path.” The Peace Pledge is intended to give our elected officials and candidates some guidance on the path to Peace.

Click here to download or view the 2018 Candidate Peace Pledge

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