PDACNM NEWSLETTER Feb. 6, 2018 -PDACNM 2/7 Program – Meeting Reminder


The mission of Progressive Democrats of America has always been to change the Democratic Party from within and we are still committed to that mission.
However, recent situations in the Democratic Party of NM as well as the Unity Reform Commission at the DNC have aroused skepticism among progressives that the party will ever really change, that it is too attached to corporate influence and war capitalism to become the party of the masses.  The following articles are warnings of what the challenges will be in the next few years for those of us who want the Party to evolve once more as the Party of FDR and social and economic reform.

However, there is hope and we urge you to attend “Bridging the Gap” on Feb. 10 at 6:00 at Continuing Ed.  See flyer below.  Let’s have a discussion about how we can bring the party back to the disenfranchised and make it once again a force to be reckoned with.

Positive Action – If you have been elected a delegate to the pre-primary, vote for the progressive (if you can find one)!!!!!


Read this issue for important information on changing the Democratic Party

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PDA CNM DIGEST February 6, 2018

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