PDACNM NEWSLETTER January 25, 2018 – Rally with Us


NM 2018 NM Legislative Session 
Action Alerts 

We are doing the PDACNM Action Alerts again this year and we encourage you to sign up.  This is a short session, primarily devoted to the budget, so don’t expect a lot of bills to support.  Legislators know that most bills addressing the interests of the people will be vetoed by this Governor.  The Republicans have introduced a large number of bills increasing punishment for various crimes.  It has been found that such increases in punishment are not effective in reducing crime, and we will probably want to oppose many of those bills.  On the bright side, there are several constitutional amendments – these can’t be vetoed – covering such things as early childhood education, universal voter registration, and an independent redistricting commission that we will be asking committee members to support.  Moreover, we can already see some good bills that we want to support, but will probably be vetoed.  Those vetoes put our Republican governor on the record, which will be noticed by the people.

If you are not already on the list to receive these Action Alerts and would like to be, please send me an email at stokescorrales@mac.com

Paul Stokes

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PDA CNM DIGEST January 25, 2018

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