PDACNM NEWSLETTER December 6, 2017 – Who’s Next?


The blatant hypocrisy that Representatives Fajardo and Clahchischilliage exhibit in their Dec. 4 Journal letter attacking Rep. Stephanie Maez for “exploiting the current situation” of sexual harassment charges reveal a cynical political attempt at deflection. Ms. Maez actually took a stand against her Democratic colleague and asked that he drop out of the Lt. Governor’s race for sexist comments he made to fellow workers. And what do these Republican legislators say in response to Rep. Gentry’s offensive sexist insult to a colleague of equal professional standing? They, in fact, dismiss Rep. Gentry’s offense as “a sophomoric note to a colleague” and argue that his work on behalf of women is much more important.

These Republican legislators claim that Ms. Maez “attacks Gentry only when members of the Democratic Party are under fire”. In fact, Ms. Maez filed an official letter of complaint at the time of the insult from Rep Gentry. The complaint was ignored.

Senator Padilla also has a record of supporting good causes but Stephanie Maez makes the painful decision to ask that her Democratic colleague step down because as she says, “It’s time to draw a clear line in the sand. It’s time to set the right examples.” So now I am wondering where  these Republican women legislators draw the line when it comes to sexual harassment by a fellow Republican. Does just a little “locker room talk” not qualify?

The letters from Representatives Fajardo and Clahchischilliage are here.  Ms. Maez’ letter is here.

Laura Stokes

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PDA CNM DIGEST December 6, 2017

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