Some of you received the following letter from our national director Donna Smith, Our local chapter would like to support her statement by saying that Chair Perez’s act is not acceptable to us and should be protested by all who care about unifying the party.  PDACNM strongly opposes such actions which do nothing but further drive a wedge into any efforts to unite the establishment and progressive wings of the party. I have heard no criticism of Perez’s decision by any of our party establishment leaders.  I take this to be complicitous agreement, which means, IMO, more of the same failed policies of the past.   I do thank Bill Peiffer, Chair of Bernalillo County Democrats, for his remarks in the Blue Review expressing his disagreement with Perez’s decision.  They might have been a bit more excoriating.  They might have made more of an effort to hold the DNC accountable rather than saying there is nothing we can do about it at the local level.

No doubt progressives will again be subjected to the tiresome refrains imploring us to stop whining, put the past behind us, and work together in order to beat Trump. We should work together, but only if progressive policies are given due consideration – after all, the policies advanced by Bernie Sanders made him the most popular politician in America.

Here’s what ousted member James Zogby tweeted, “This doesn’t bring the party together. It deepens the divide at a time we need all hands on deck for ’18 & ’20”.  Those of us who have been party loyalists for many years and those of us who believe in working inside and outside the party will continue the struggle, at least for a while longer.  But many are too young to remember Bill Clinton’s famous dismissal of progressives by saying “they” have nowhere else to go and many are choosing to ridicule those words. Therefore, we have people leaving the Democratic Party or never signing up.  This could turn out to be scarier than Trump I.  It could be Trump II.

Continue working to get progressives elected to public office and help organize a NM Progressive Caucus!!

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Laura Stokes, Editor

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PDA CNM DIGEST October 30, 2017

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