About 70 folks came out to socialize and share a meal together on a cool summer evening at First Unitarian Church.  Following some friendly mingling accompanied by good food, the group gathered outside to participate in discussions around PDA’s major issues – Healthcare Human Rights, End Corporate Rule, Stop Global Warming, Voter Access Protection and Election Integrity, Economic and Social Justice, End Wars and Occupations.You can go to PDAmerica.org to read explanations of the issues.

If you weren’t at the meeting, you missed a good time; but you can still participate. This is an ongoing effort by PDACNM to engage and involve our progressive community in the things that matter to people who want a better world for themselves and others.  PDA’s mission has always been to focus on the issues first and candidates second. Thus, it only follows that we must work to elect candidates who consistently believe in, talk about, and put into practice the aforementioned issues.

That’s why we supported Bernie for president and that’s why we will continue to endorse only those candidates who talk and walk the issues. Eric Griego’s use of Paul Wellstone’s slogan “We all do better when we all do better” is even more relevant today than it was when PDA endorsed Eric in his run for the US Congress 8 years ago.  We need to encourage people to run for office who support our values and pledge to act on them because we feel that’s how the world gets better. Furthermore, it gives a reason for people to go vote.  As the Democratic Party ramps up its voter registration and GOTV efforts, I don’t see evidence that its activists are showing serious concern about the real problem that we have – the reason people aren’t voting.  All the voter registration and GOTV efforts are to no avail if the party doesn’t begin to figure that out!!

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PDA CNM DIGEST July 17, 2017


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