PDACNM NEWSLETTER JUNE 19, People’s Summit and more


More than 4,000 progressive activists gathered at the second People’s Summit in Chicago, June 9-11. The vast halls and large meeting rooms of the mammoth McCormick Place on Lake Michigan provided ample space for this enthusiastic and mostly under 50 crowd to gather and eat and discuss in breakout sessions or in casual meetups.  National Nurses United funded the Summit for the second time and they really showed what nurses can do when it comes to organizing. Paul and I went last year as well as this year and found 2017 just as inspiring as 2016. Of course, last year’s summit took place before the November election so this year’s had a bit of a different flavor. Even though last year’s event brought together people of all colors, religions and places of origin, this year seemed to emphasize even more the importance of common values that people of good will hold dear. There was little said about Trump but a lot said about Neoliberalism and building a progressive movement with leaders who possess “belief systems” and who represent the oppressed.  READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE IN THE CURRENT NEWSLETTER. Click on the Newsletter link below.

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PDA CNM DIGEST June 19, 2017

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