May PDA Letter Drop

The Honorable Ben Ray Luján

Hand delivered to Joseph Casados

Dear Representative Luján,

We all know: when it comes to improving economic prosperity, too many hardworking Americans have been left behind. Our economic and political system has lost sight of what matters most: We the People. Now more than ever, it is critical that we have a federal budget that reflect the needs of ordinary Americans around the country, not the wealthiest one percent and corporations. We ask that you vote “Yes” when The People’s Budget is presented as a budget amendment.

The FY 2018 Congressional Progressive Caucus Alternative Budget, The People’s Budget tackles systemic issues with comprehensive solutions, from the impact of climate change on rural communities and communities of color, to implementing criminal justice reforms, to repairing and replacing outdated infrastructure to create millions of sustainable, good paying jobs all over the country.

•    Invests $2 trillion in America’s infrastructure to transition to a 21st Century economy and transform our energy, water and transportation systems

•    Expands our commitment to efficient renewable energy and green jobs, including job assistance and training for those transitioning from fossil fuel to clean energy jobs
•    Protects and expand affordable healthcare for millions of Americans, including support for states to transition to a single-payer healthcare system and provisions to lower prescription drug prices
•    Expands affordable housing for low-income Americans by increasing CDBG and HOME funds to cities, allocating $32 billion for Public Housing repairs, ensuring 100% of operating needs for Public Housing, adding 400,000 new Section 8 Vouchers and fully funding the End Homelessness Act
•    Reduces military spending by eliminating unneeded weapons and reducing rather than increasing the US nuclear arsenal, to fully fund badly needed social programs rather than the profit margins of giant military contractors


Progressive Democrats of America Central New Mexico Chapter
Contact:  Paul Stokes,, 505-898-1237

The Honorable Tom Udall
Hand delivered to Bill Woldman

Dear Senator Udall,

Every dollar spent on education is an investment in America’s future; a nation as powerful as ours can always afford wise investments – we have only lacked the political will. This month thousands of college seniors will be graduating; most will be starting their life as independent adults drowning in debt.

Senator Bernie Sanders has introduced S806 – the College for All Act which does the following:

  • Makes public universities and colleges tuition- and fee-free for families making less than $125,000 per year, offer free community college with no tuition and fees for all, and eliminate or reduce fees and tuitions at schools that serve historically underrepresented minorities.
  • Uses existing aid to combat the cost of college, so low-income students could use Pell Grants for books instead of university fees, states and tribes have incentives and funding to reduce costs, and work-study programs would triple in size.
  • Slashes interest rates by offering students the lowest interest rates possible and finally allowing them to refinance student loans at today’s low rates

Working families (students, parents and grandparents) are currently saddled with more than $1 trillion in student debt. Student debt has followed the same track as broader economic inequality. As the worst of the 1 percent have hoarded most of our economic gains, wages and family incomes have stagnated. Public university education has been slashed to pay for tax handouts for the richest few. Without inexpensive, quality public education to hold down prices, tuition at all colleges has skyrocketed –in fact, college in the U.S. has gotten 12 times more expensive in one generation.

If education is our future, it is critical that we make education affordable so that our brightest and best can ensure our continued success.


Progressive Democrats of America Central New Mexico Chapter
Contact:  Paul Stokes,, 505-898-1237

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