The state party committee meeting Saturday resulted in a new slate of officers representing all parts of the state, young and old, progressive and traditional, and new party members and long-active members. It is a good mix to help us heal the differences of the past election, and work together as Democrats to fight the nasty Republican state and national policies and programs.

State party Chair- Richard Ellenberg, former Santa Fe County Chair
State party Vice-Chair- Neomi Martinez- Parra, former State Secretary, from Lordsburg
State Secretary- Katherine (Kat) Clark , member NMDP Young Dems, Treasurer, Santa Fe County
State Treasurer- Robert Lara, serving a second term as Treasurer

As the chair candidates were giving their speeches, Rusty Pearce withdrew, and threw his support to Ellenberg. After the votes were counted, and Ellenberg won easily, Juan Sanchez moved to elect Ellenberg by acclamation, and the motion was seconded by Rusty. This display of support and unity was well received by the state committee, and starts us on a good footing of healing some past differences.

We also elected our PDA chapter leader JD Mathews as Vice-Chair-male from CD1. Congratulations, JD!

Also from PDA, Gina Dennis was elected to SPARC, and progressives Alan Postelnek and Ivan Pfeifer were elected to SPARC. Progressive Samia Assad was elected to Affirmative Action. I’m sure I am forgetting some people who were elected to committees, and I apologize for that. Corrections and additions will be made in the future if necessary,

One other action remains in my book, and that is to create a Progressive Caucus within the state party. If you are interested in that, please contact me for more information and actions that need to be taken.

Cheryl Harris

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PDA CNM DIGEST May 1st, 2017

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