To review what you already know…..

In July, 2016, at the national convention in Philadelphia, two factions of the party- the Bernie supporters and the Hillary supporters- clashed over the platform, the delegate and super-delegate process, and other issues that became personal, ugly, and fractious. Both sides accused the other of untruths, etc. We know now, with the release of emails, that the Hillary campaign did conspire against Bernie Sanders. Some of the physical conflicts between the two groups have been documented also. Bernie backers felt the whole thing had been rigged, and she was the chosen candidate, and the Hillary people resented Bernie’s whole campaign as unfair to Hillary, especially as he had not been a registered Democrat. tensions didn’t go away after the convention, and to some appearances, escalated.

Then in February, the election of a new DNC chair pitted Keith Ellison, a progressive endorsed by PDA, against Tom Perez, backed by President Obama and Clinton. This election continued to drive a wedge between progressives and the “3rd Way/Centrist/neo-liberals” of the party.

In an attempt to heal this continuing rift, the Unity Reform Commission, created at the convention, named their 21 members this past week. Nine are named by Clinton, 7 by Sanders, 3 by DNC chair Perez, and a Clinton-named chair and a Bernie-named vice-chair. The article HERE in Huffington Post details a lot of this history. The first meeting [open to the public] of this commission is May 5-6 in DC with their report due by January, 2018, when we will be knee-deep in primary election period.

Other articles about this critical time in our party are included in this issue. Many reporters, Republicans, and others are declaring our party dead, without direction or a message, confused, and out of touch. They may be right.

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PDA CNM DIGEST April 25th, 2017

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