A candidate named Trump who said Clinton would screw up if she got the US involved in Syria, has just involved us in Syria, in an incredible retaliatory bombing. There seems to be conflict about who may have gassed the Syrian village of Khan-Shaykuhn and how it was done.

READ HERE (from Theodore Postol independent news blog, not verified by PDA yet, also reported by other sources). Nonetheless, we hit back at Bashar al-Assad. What next? Who knows. Doesn’t seem there is really a plan……

No tax returns to establish Trump’s possible conflicts of interest. The only President since Nixon to not release his tax returns. The general public is pretty sure he is hiding something. READ HERE regarding Hill polls and Trump comments.

An ugly, mean spirited, nationalistic and racist attack being prepared on Hispanic immigrants by ramping up Border Patrols and Deportation squads, targeting people who have broken no laws, and lived peacefully here for decades. How many Slovenian immigrants are being deported? There are studies that show people from many countries have over stayed VISA’s here, and yet no action appears to be taken with them, only with Hispanic populations.

READ HERE from WBUR Boston Public Radio. And a recent LA Times article also notes that business will suffer in California, as an estimated 25% of the agricultural work force is undocumented, and 10% of the overall California labor force is undocumented. Already short on farm labor, farmers will not have crops picked, prices will rise, and more food will be imported from Mexico. Now doesn’t that make great sense?

And speaking of public radio and TV– sources we rely on for accurate and fair news– the “government” now has the ability to control its own national and international news, with the change recently from a non-partisan Board of Governors overseeing Voice of America to a Director appointed by the President. This was approved by Pres. Obama and done for efficiency. But we need to be always watchful of our First Amendment rights going forward! READ HERE

The list of amateurish actions, unthinking comments, and downright illegal behavior goes on. Trump and his advisors will be in court for this entire administration, defending, and then backing down from their actions. Thank you to PDA readers for some of these links.

Cheryl Harris, PDA Digest co-editor

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PDA CNM DIGEST April 17th, 2017

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