Many people have been asking PDA how they can get involved, what they can do to stop the Trump madness. We are here to tell you that we don’t have answers but we do have suggestions. In this newsletter you will find plenty of opportunities to learn, get motivated and take action. But don’t just wait to be told what to do. Join a committee or form your own committee or group around the issue that is most important to you. There is plenty of room for everyone in PDA and we welcome your participation and leadership.

We at PDACNM need to emphasize that our focus is on transforming the Democratic Party into becoming more inclusive, less corporate, and more in line with the ideals of FDR and Bernie Sanders by working inside and outside the Party.

We believe that unless the party acknowledges its role in the devastating loss of November 2016, we can expect more of the same, or worse. While PDA is working on goals to make this happen at the national level, we at PDACNM are putting our efforts into local and state issues and elections, which is what the Tea Party has done so successfully for many years. For this reason, you will find information and actions in this newsletter, and every future newsletter, concentrating on what is possible in our local and state communities. In this way we feel we can be most effective in building our defenses against Trump’s attack on our very democracy while at the same time rebuilding a party that has begun to lose its soul. Bernie’s grassroots message is more important than ever.
Together we can make it happen.

Laura Stokes – PDA Co-State Coordinator


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PDA CNM DIGEST December 30, 2016

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