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PDA CNM DIGEST November 23, 2016


PDACNM has been approached by many people asking how they can get involved. We are all frightened and apprehensive about this new administration and the best antidote to fear and anxiety is to take action. We hope you will join us in whatever capacity you can. We believe we enter an era of greater grassroots, bottom up leadership. This means all of us!

PDA Letter Drops

Each month PDA members around the country call on their Representatives and Senators by dropping off letters asking them to please support specific bills that address progressive issues. We are fortunate enough to be able to sit down with the staffs of our Representatives and Senators for quality discussions of the bills and our priorities. We will be making appointments the week after Thanksgiving. If you would like to accompany us to these offices and make your voices heard, please contact Paul or Laura Stokes, stokescorrales@comcast.net, 505-328-1767 or Lisa Franzen, geolisafranzen@aol.com, 505-867-0112.

2017 NM Legislative Session – Action Alert Blasts

Paul Stokes, PDACNM state co-coordinator, will again be sending out email blasts alerting people to bills of a progressive nature. The email will give you names, emails and phone numbers of state legislators to call in support of or opposition to bills. Call or email Paul at 505-898-1237, stokescorrales@comcast.net.

NM Progressive Coalition

The NM Progressive Coalition is a recently formed coalition of several progressive groups whose purpose is to provide a stronger voice for progressive change in our state. We are working on:

A progressive Platform

Getting progressives elected to wards, precincts and beyond

A NMPC Day at the Legislature

Communications networking for Progressives

Our next meeting is Nov. 28 at First Unitarian Church at 6:00. We will be discussing the items mentioned above and planning for a statewide convention on Dec. 17. Please join us for these events.

Retake Our Democracy Full Day Convention

January 8 (tentative), 10-4pm
Santa Fe Convention Center Grand Ballroom
Details soon, but the plan is to identify trainers in social media to maximize our impact through the use of twitter, website and Facebook; to learn effective strategies in civil disobedience; to learn more about effective advocacy and lobbying; and other areas of activism. At this Sunday’s meeting we will be seeking ideas for areas we need to be trained.

Healthcare for All/Single payer

This IOT has recently begun to meet again after a hiatus. We are working to inform ourselves, with the help of Nandini Kuehn, about local health care proposals and to keep up with what might be happening nationally. We are in contact with National PDA as well. We will be meeting in early January. We welcome all who are interested to join us. Please contact me for time and place of the meeting. Call Maggie Greenberg at (505) 259-2262 or (505) 898-9314 or email greenbergmaggie@yahoo.com.

Democratic Party Involvement

It is now obvious that this was an election about change. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump both recognized that. Now it is time for the party to come to grips with that. The party needs to operate in a new way, involved in community actions and grass roots activities that answer the needs of our citizens. We need to change and energize the party and have bottom-up leadership and platforms. PDA is recruiting like-minded folks for the Democratic ward and precinct meetings, writing the platform we want, and taking care of our community. Join us at the March 25 Ward and Precinct meetings and the April 8th County Central meeting. More information to follow.

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