New Mexico House Victory Project

House Victory Project

What is the New Mexico House Victory Project?
In 2014, Republicans captured the New Mexico state House for the first time in more than 50 years—threatening security and opportunities for working New Mexicans and their families. The NM House Victory Project is a centralized campaign operation to help Democrats retake the state House of Representatives.

The Challenge
Currently, Republicans control the New Mexico House of Representatives by a 37–33 margin. With a virtually bottomless pool of corporate and out-of-state money—which will be used to launch baseless, brutal attacks on Democratic incumbents and candidates—Republicans are using every weapon in their arsenal to hold their grip on the state House. The electoral challenges faced by New Mexico House Democrats are unprecedented, but the prospects for recapturing the state House of Representatives are bright. A winning 2016 campaign will depend on careful planning, disciplined execution and agile management.

The Opportunity
At least 10 state House seats currently held by Republicans were won by President Obama in 2012 (see map, opposite). Although the margin in several of those districts was only a handful of votes, the potential for Democrats to take back the New Mexico House is strong.

Read more about the project here.

Read about the candidates here.

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