PDACNM welcomed Adrián Pedroza, Exec. Dir. of Partnership for Community Action; Javier Benavidez, Exec. Dir. of SWOP; Javier Martinez, NM State Representative, District 11 to our August meeting. Adrian and Javier Benavidez spoke about the looming Santolina project which threatens the health of their community and the activists’ battle to save their community from a well-financed corporate entity which can use unlimited resources to manipulate the political scene in its favor.

Rep. Martinez and other House members are working on the House Victory Project, a coordinated effort led by Rep. Martinez, Rep. Brian Egolf and other house members to regain control of the New Mexico House of Representatives. The Project has identified key races that Democrats should win. For example, there are ten House seats held by Republicans that were won by President Obama in 2012. If Democratic voters will turn out to vote, we can win those seats and others that are currently held by Republicans. Voter turnout is crucial and the House Victory Project aims to get voters to the polls.

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PDA CNM DIGEST August 14, 2016

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