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PDACNM Newsletter May 22, 2016

Bernie Rally May 20th

Bernie came to New Mexico- Friday in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, and Saturday in Vado. All the rallies were packed. Local news media did little to cover them. Those of us who went were happy we spent the hours waiting to feel the Bern!!

“It was so great to hear Bernie speak! He created a renewed enthusiasm and inspiration!” Rae Domenico, Santa Fe Native Outreach for Bernie

“It’s important to point out that in his remarks contrasting his positions with Hillary Clinton’s, he remained honorable and factual, with no personal attacks. He has consistently stayed with the issues that are important to us, which is why we have been supporting him all along.” Laura Stokes, Corrales, PDA State Coordinator

“Bernie is really the ‘family values’ candidate. He spent the entire time talking about how we need to support families, provide school and health care for them, keep them safe and treated fairly by the police. He talked about how we have mistreated minorities in the country and how we need to right that wrong. He is not an angry old man, he is just a serious, passionate man who cares about people.” Cheryl Harris, PDACNM member

“It was wonderful! I enjoyed it– all 5 hours of it. It was like “Waiting for Godot”. But I really appreciated Bernie talking about getting kids through college, and education as a right.”
Sally-Alice Thompson, PDACNM member

“It was electric! Seven hours of waiting was worth a million hours because he was so inspirational. Everything he wants to do is for our kids and grand kids. My 19 year old grandson was a Bernie volunteer there, and he was so excited. He couldn’t believe how Bernie wants to achieve universal equality.” Effie Osborne, PDACNM member

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