PDA CNM mini-digest March 14, 2016- Visits this week to Udall and Lujan offices



A great Democratic crowd of over 1,000 delegates turned out for the state convention Saturday. Nominated for the ballot were Maggie Toulouse Oliver, Secretary of State, Michelle Lujan-Grisham, CD 1, Merrie Lee Soules, CD 2, and Ben Ray Lujan, CD 3. Also nominated were Michael Vigil, Justice of the Supreme Court, and Julie Vargas, Judge of the Court of Appeals.

Keynote Speaker Dannel Malloy, Gov. of Connecticut, gave a strong speech about our party and unity. We watched video addresses from Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to New Mexico delegates.

The much anticipated straw vote for President was cancelled by Chairwoman Deb Haaland, who took responsibility for the decision, citing “concerns over the integrity of the vote, ” which were not explained further. However, it was obvious to everyone that an overwhelming majority of the delegates supported Bernie Sanders, based on noise, stickers, signs, buttons, etc. It was very encouraging to me, and I felt it was probably 3 to 1 for Sanders.

The 2015 proposed platform was debated, more the process to write a platform, than the platform itself. With a vigorous group speaking in opposition to the platform, it was defeated by paper ballot by 3 votes. Thus the 2014 platform still stands. In my opinion, the State Platform and Resolution Committee (SPARC) has some internal conflicts that should be resolved by the state party as soon as possible.

Cheryl Harris
Digest Editor

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PDACNM Newsletter March 14, 2016


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