PDA CNM mini-digest March 7, 2016- Meeting Wednesday with Pat Davis plus other coming events

New home for 15 year old Marvin Velasco!


Our local PDA CNM member, Dr. Kathleen O’Malley, reports that even though Holloman shut down its child detention center after a very brief time, there are still children housed around the country, and she has grave concerns over the lack of background checks performed regarding families or organizations receiving these children.

The AP did a recent investigative piece, “Feds Failures Impact Migrant Children”
(article link here), highlighting many concerns with the process.

Kathleen urges us to contact our Congressional offices and Health and Human Services over the problems in this process. Thank you, Kathleen, for continuing to bring this problem to our attention. May we all do something- these children are vulnerable and many have already had a life of exploitation and violence. “It takes a village” someone reminded us, to raise a child.

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PDACNM Newsletter March 7, 2016

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