Here’s what you did at the Legislature!


A big thank you is due to the Action Alert team of 50 people, who sent emails or made calls to members of committees hearing legislation that PDA CNM either supported or opposed. Sixty-four “blasts” were sent during the legislative session notifying team members that legislation of interest was scheduled to be heard. Over 8000 messages of support or opposition, as the case may be, were sent to members of committees hearing the legislation. Thus, an average of about 130 messages to legislators for each blast were sent! That sounds like success to me!

Aside from the unfortunate situation the state finds itself in regarding the budget, the most prominent issues in the Legislature were crime & punishment and certain social issues, such as abortion, raised by Republicans, and schools, tax relief, increased wages, and jobs for working people addressed by Democrats. Also prominent were the driver’s license/Real ID matter, and ethics legislation. This was a Legislature in which the important results were that many issues of interest to Republicans were killed in the Senate, and many issues of interest to Democrats were killed in the House. We’ll see how much legislation that survived will also survive the veto pen.

There were, of course, many other issues of interest as well. Here is a listing of the actions taken on bills that we were following:

Crime and Punishment

HB 56, Three strikes law – killed in Senate.
HB 29, Allow local government curfew ordinances – killed in Senate
HB 95, Hate crimes against law enforcement – died in Senate
Other bills related to increased penalties were introduced, some of which were not germane

Driver’s Licenses

Several bills to prevent undocumented immigrants from driving failed
HB 99, the original of which would have prevented undocumented immigrants from driving, was amended in the Senate to provide a two-tier system that does not prevent undocumented immigrants from driving.


HB 67, School grade retention & reading plans – killed in Senate
HJR 10, Permanent funds for early childhood – died in House
SB 14, Teacher & principal minimum salary increases – died in Senate
SJR 2, Permanent funds for childhood education – died in Senate
SJR 3, Permanent fund annual distributions – died in House


HB 75, Cannabis revenue & freedom act – not scheduled
HB 148, Industrial help research – not scheduled
SB 3, Research on industrial hemp – not scheduled
Also HB 26 and SB 13 listed under Energy/Environment – died in respective chambers

Taxes and Salaries

Several bills on salary increases not scheduled
HB 61, Accounts for persons with disabilities act – passed both chambers
HB 79, Working families tax credit & gains deduction – died In House
HB 125, Increase minimum wage – not scheduled
HB 126, Reduce certain income tax rates (for low incomes) – died in House
HB 154, Increase minimum wage ($15) – not scheduled
HB 200, Public works prevailing wage & projects – killed in Senate
HB 211, Employment preemption & minimum wage – withdrawn
HB 255, New higher income bracket – not scheduled
HB 292, Modify personal income tax brackets & rates – died in House
HB 323, Raise minimum wage ($10.10) – not scheduled
SB 152, Minimum salary for certain school personnel ($15) – died in Senate
SB 236, State employee minimum wage – not scheduled
SB 237, State employee & contractor minimum wage – not scheduled
SJR 18, State minimum wage – died in Senate


HB 80, State ethics commission act – not scheduled
HB 105, Electronic campaign reporting – passed both chambers
HB 96, No pension for convicted public officials – not scheduled
HJR 1, Independent redistricting commission – died in House
HJR 2, All qualified electors registered to vote – not scheduled
HJR 5, Independent ethics commission, killed in Senate
SB 2, Automatic driver’s license voter registration – not scheduled
SB 11, Campaign finance reporting requirements – died in House


HB 26, Solar market development tax credit changes – died in House
SB 13, Solar market development tax credit changes – died in Senate

Gun Control

HB 51, Firearm transfer act – not scheduled
HB 336, Comprehensive criminal records database (applicable to gun background checks) – passed both chambers

Social Issues

HB 84, Small loan interest rate caps – not scheduled
HB 230, Rape kit testing and analysis – died in House
HB 275, Require medical care for all infants (abortion-related) – not scheduled
HB 312, Change certain voter ID requirements (photo voter ID) – died in House
HJR 11, Limit certain interest rates – not scheduled
HJR 13, Denial of bail to certain defendants – died in House
SB 17, DNA evidence kit analysis – died in Senate
SB 132, Student loan repayment for some students (minorities, advanced degrees) – killed in House
SB 242, Late-term abortion ban – not scheduled
SB 243, Partial birth abortion ban – not scheduled
SB 269, Employee preference act (Right to Work for less) – not scheduled
SJR 1, Denial of bail for certain felonies (this one also does not allow detaining of defendants for lack of ability to pay bail) – passed both chambers
SJR 5, Use & tax of marijuana & revenue – failed on Senate floor
SJR 12, Constitutional convention for corporations – died in Senate

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