One of the troublesome things about this Presidential campaign is that the Democratic Party gives a huge (yuuuggghhh) amount of control over the candidate selection to the superdelegates from each state, who can vote for whom they wish. Superdelegates are the National Committeeman and National Committeewoman from each state, Democratic moveon superdelegateSenators, Representatives, Governors, State Party Chairs, and other important Democrats selected by the State Chair or State Central Committee. Many of these delegates were courted by the Clinton campaign back when no one else was running last year (remember that time?).

Many Democrats feel that the superdelegates should reflect the will of the people, as expressed in the state primaries and caucus results. MoveOn members have created a petition drive for this action. (See the article below.) And on Saturday the NYTimes endorsed this action! Please add your name to the moveon.org petition if you have not already.

From MoveOn.org, Saturday, Feb. 20:

Over the past two weeks, thousands of MoveOn members have been working hard to send a clear message to Democratic Party leaders, and the The New York Times editorial is a huge boost to our campaign. Here’s the shout-out the Times gave to our campaign in their editorial:

“Last week, MoveOn.org, a voter action group that has endorsed Mr. Sanders, began a petition drive demanding that superdelegates pledge to back the winner of the national popular vote. About 350,000 people have signed this petition and a related one. Next up are petition drives in each of the 50 states, targeting individual superdelegates.

‘The key to winning the presidency in November will be mobilizing tremendous grass-roots enthusiasm, and nothing would take the wind out of people’s sails faster than to have the Democratic nominee chosen by party insiders,’ said Ben Wikler, MoveOn’s Washington director. Mr. Wikler says that if Mrs. Clinton wins the popular vote, superdelegates who support Mr. Sanders should likewise vote for her.”

In addition to this powerful editorial, earlier this week we heard California superdelegate Christine Pelosi become the first superdelegate to publicly commit to voting for the candidate with the most pledged delegates at the convention.

And now, MoveOn members in dozens of states have started petitions targeting the other 711 superdelegates, calling on them to make the same commitment.

Will you take a moment to read The New York Times editorial and share it with your friends to spread the word about this campaign?

Nevadans are caucusing later today [Sat.] in what’s slated as a neck and neck race. The Democratic presidential primary is competitive as ever, and together we’re making sure that the voters, and only the voters, choose the next president.

Thanks for all you do.
-Maria, Mark, Manny, Anna, and the rest of the team

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