Each year PDACNM follows a selected list of bills filed in the 2016 Legislature which relate to our core principles of social justice, health care, voting rights, ending corporate rule and the environment. This spread sheet (download here – rev. 2/13) will allow you to follow the daily and weekly progress or lack of progress of a bill that might fit any of these issues.

This list is currently only a suggested list until the bills are considered germane to this session. Only bills related to finance will be considered during this 30-day session, except for those given a “call” by the governor or last year’s bills vetoed by the governor.

Therefore, some of these bills on this list will disappear. However, we invite you to check our web page regularly after the session begins to follow bills that interest you and yours. And then we urge you to join our Action Alert Team either to write letters, make phone calls or send emails asking your legislator to either vote for or against such bills. You can join by getting in touch with Paul Stokes at

Other Sources For Legislative Information

Protect New Mexico is your window into the decision-making process — your source for environmental information at the New Mexico Legislature. Link to the  Get started by viewing measures from the 2016 session and/or interim committee meeting information here!


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