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PDACNM Newsletter January 4, 2016

To all PDA Central New Mexico colleagues,

If you are interested in having your voices heard in the upcoming New Mexico State Legislature, here’s your chance.

The New Mexico State Legislature will begin on Tuesday, January 19, 2016, for its thirty day session. The Central New Mexico chapter of PDA will be updating and expanding its project for notifying legislators of our support for or opposition to legislation. The vehicle for those notifications will be ACTION ALERTS, asking PDA members to send emails or make telephone calls to members of committees hearing legislation of interest to us.

Legislators want to know the opinions of voters. An important measure legislators use is the number of messages they get supporting or opposing legislation.

To that end, the thrust of the project will be to send a large number of messages via email (or by telephone calls) to members of committees that will be hearing legislation of interest to us. The messages should be short and to the point, because legislators do not have the time to read large numbers of lengthy messages. We just want them to know of our support or opposition, and a basic reason as to why.

A tool is being designed for the ACTION ALERTS to enable participants in the project to simply and quickly generate messages to committee members. We know that participants in this project may not have time to send emails to legislators on every bill of interest, but we encourage them to do so for as many bills as they can – the more messages the legislators get, the better!

You will be getting an email in a week or two asking you to express your interest in participating in these ACTION ALERTS and showing you what an ACTION ALERT will look like. Those wishing to participate will be asked to respond to the email.

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