Ona Porter, President of Prosperity Works, gave a very comprehensive
overview of several of the various programs that the organization has built. It’s formative startona porter was 30 years ago with the “Kids in Crisis” study, that identified poverty as the root cause for really all of the major social problems we have in this state.

The major idea is to help people develop assets in their life, whether they be financial, housing, education, credit, citizenship, or whatever. “Income gets you by, but assets get you ahead.” is the strategy of Prosperity Works.

From this strategy have developed children’s savings accounts, secure credit cards to help build a credit history, real estate loans at fair rates with financial assistance, small business loans and help, immigrant services, including loans for filing fees, financial training, and fights against predatory lending.

Ona would like more people and contributions to support their work, legislative support (probably 2017 in the long session), letters to the editor, and other spreading of the word. Prosperity Works will have a film out by the end of the year on their organization. Please visit their website:

Find out more here –

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