John Dryzc, Political Organizer for NM AFT (American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO) was our guest at our October meeting. John gave an over view of the state union organization- they represent teachers and affiliated school employees all over the state, at colleges, public schools, tribal schools, and others.

Their recent accomplishment has been to organize quite a few of the pre-school teachers around the state. The model they are using involves the owner’s of the pre-schools, as well as the employees, and has proven very successful. Owners benefit from having a better-paid, secure work force that will be better educated and not turn over, as has happened in the past. Everyone wins, John says.

The other big push of AFT right now is to fight the Governor and Dept, of Education regarding teacher ratings being based strongly on the test performance of students. There are still many flaws in the test technology, and parts of the testing process that don’t work smoothly, and it is unfair for teacher’s futures to be tied to this plan at this time. AFT will be lobbying the legislature on this issue in the 2016 session.

John asked for support from us in this lobbying effort, as well as following AFT by signing up for their newsletter on their website, (click here).

We will be meeting with other labor groups over this next year. Please watch for announcements.

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PDACNM Newsletter October 19, 2015

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