Over 140 people attended our Sept 30th program with Steve Cobble, Political Director of PDA.

Steve Cobble

“Can Bernie Win?” Steve asked. “Yes”, he answered, reviewing Bernie’s political beliefs, history, fund raising, trustworthiness, energy, grass roots support, and all the other qualities Bernie demonstrates so wonderfully.

Steve cautioned us that to win New Mexico Bernie must get the Latino vote. PDACNM has already requested materials in Spanish and is working on plans for campaigning in the areas of town where Spanish language homes are predominant.

Many of our wonderful audience signed up to join PDA and volunteer for Bernie. Steve cautioned that it is doubtful with our late primary (June 7, 2016) that we will get a full-time Bernie operation here, meaning that grassroots efforts of PDA and other Bernie groups are absolutely vital.

Our efforts to elect the first Socialist/Democrat Jewish president WITH A HEART AND A BRAIN will be successful if we all pull together on this same rope. SI SE PUEDE!!

Thank you to our “warm up acts”- poet Rich Boucher and singer Eric Griego, and to our video team. 

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