Progressive Democrats of America Central NM Chapter – PDA Wednesday meeting with Deb Haaland


May 13, 2015 @ 7:00
Stokes’ house
295 Mission Valley Rd., Corrales, NM

We are delighted to announce that instead of just a group discussion about the vision of our newly elected Democratic Party Chair, Debra Haaland, Deb will drop by for a short visit to give us a current report on what’s happening with the party. Let’s give Deb a warm welcome.

The rest of the program remains the same:

The Greenbergs will be discussing the realities of the private prison system and Kathleen O’Malley will give us a brief history of the US in Central America and a firsthand account of human experiences in immigration detention centers. Kathleen has been visiting and working with these detention centers in NM and Texas. There will be a follow-up discussion on actions to take.

And organizing for Bernie!
Time for announcements, ideas, discussion.
Social Hour with snacks and drinks

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