cropped-pda-bosque3.jpgThe State of Our State

The 2015 Legislative Session has less than 1 1/2 weeks to go. Our front page features reports from ProgressNow who has been on the spot every day. If the news is depressing and you wonder where are the Democrats, please read this article about a new Democratic strategy. Have you heard of SIX (State Innovation Exchange)? “In the same way that conservatives 30 years ago decided to put money and investment in the states and are now
seeing the benefits of that – with the largest number of chambers in their control since the 1920s and their ability to move legislation – we hope that this is the beginning of a similar movement for progressives in the states, where we are able to advance progressive legislation and also build a farm team of the next generation of leaders,” said SIX’s founder and executive director Nick Rathod. Read more here.

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WEEKLY DIGEST March 13, 2015

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