Weekly Digest 2/Next PDA Meeting 2-11/Run Bernie Run Campaign/ Gun Bills and more – February 6, 2015

Central New Mexico Chapter
February 11, 2015 at 7 PM

Home of Maggie and Bob Greenberg
745 W. Meadowlark Ln., Corrales 898-9314

Leader: Ann Dunlap
Timer: Melinda Moffitt


1] Introductions of any new faces

2] Moral Mondays and Labor issues: Chris Saavedra, Moral Mondays Organizer – 20 min. + 15 min. questions and answers

3] Economics of PDA: Current problems in financing National PDA, and our role in creating new revenues. Importance of “sustaining” contributions: Bob – 5 min.

4] The “Run Bernie Run” Campaign: House meeting on February 20, 6-8 PM: Bagi Rankin – 5 min.

5] Report on meeting with Rep.Jason Harper (Dist. 57) re: legislative issues: Donna Tillman – 5 min.

6] IOT Reports:

a) Education issues/charter schools: Phil – 5 min.
b) Health issues: Bob – 5 min.
c) Immigration/drivers’ licenses/ Moral Monday meeting: Kathleen – 5 min.

7] Local Democratic Party meetings handout (if available) and discussion – 5 min.

8] Announcements/Open discussion – 30 min.

9] Social time

Read the Newsletter for more information. Read about the current legislative session.

WEEKLY DIGEST 2 February, 6 2015

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